Sugar Plump Fairy


Isn’t he just the cutest little thing that you’ve ever laid eyes on? Go ahead and feast your eyes on him ladies, because he’s my special after Christmas gift to all of you out there in WP blogger land!

While I realize that just his incredible hotness alone makes him a magically delicious visual treat for you, and that you can’t take your eyes off of him, because morbid fascination can have that kind of effect – the Sugar Plump Fairy is also here to remind us all (me included) that during this holiday season, we are what we eat, and this little yet not so little guy is convincing proof of that.

So if you’ve been having a few too many sugar cookies and lots of eggnog to wash them down with, just keep staring at this guy, and soon you’ll have enough visions of the Sugar Plump Fairy dancing in your head to avoid at least a total surrender to excessive holiday season consumption.

With his expansive girth, how on earth he manages to take flight is beyond me, and it defies all the laws of physics, and most of all, the law of gravity. But it’s still true that what goes up, must come down – and for guys like me, when my weight goes up, my belly goes down and out, and when I’m standing in the shower, it becomes difficult to see “willie” when he’s hidden under the overhang. Oh, I’m sorry! Was that just too much unwanted visual information for you?

Here, take a good look at the Sugar Plump Fairy again instead:

There… Feel better now? I didn’t think so… Lol

With his cute little darting and shifty eyes, he kinda reminds me of the car salesman I bought my last car from. Except that he was fully clothed throughout the sale, or it would have been a deal breaker for sure! Yeesh!!!

So now I hope that you’re all truly happy with my after Christmas gift to you, and hey, since I know that you’re just bursting with gratitude, don’t hold back with your comments here, because I’d just be feigning modesty, if I tried to say that I don’t deserve it. ;-)

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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17 Responses to Sugar Plump Fairy

    • Oh shit! I forgot that you’d see this in the morning where you are! No one should have to see such a sight before 10 AM! Sorry about that. Lol ;-)

      • unfollows you, pokes my eyes back in, steals your dog and disappears in a huff…………..

        • I was hoping that somehow you’d find a way to poke your eye balls back in, because you’ll look much better with them than without them. Still not letting you anywhere near my dog though… My SIL would be love lorn and heartbroken! Lol :-) And I’ll bet that you look kinda hot when you’re all huffy like that – kinda like the rhythmic rising and falling of the… tides! ;-)

  1. LOL! I saw the title in my inbox and started laughing before I even got to your page! Then I see the fairy… scroll down to continue reading… and there he is again! Auuuggghhh!!!! :D

  2. LMAO @ tinker balls, brilliant!!!!

    *still huffing at Chris tho*

    • Guess you must still be huffing… okay by me – see earlier comment on that. ;-)

      • huffs indignantly .. ok who am I kidding, I ran outta huff yesterday.. I’m useless at scrapping, I get bored and forget why I’m mad and then have something I wanna say and sit there going “aaaaaah but I’m not talking to him damnitall” then I just can’t do it and start talking lol

        Usually that process takes < 15 seconds ;)

        • So I guess it could be said that in your case, making up isn’t so hard to do. ;-) Besides, if you stop talking to a man, you can no longer insult, nag, belittle, yell at, or otherwise verbally harass him. It takes away one of your most effective weapons as a woman. Lol

  3. That’s true!! Damn I need to rethink my entire way of being, clearly!! ;)

    Reminds me of the time I once asked a friend why she withheld sex when she was pissy with her man? I’m afraid that is the equivalent of cutting one’s nose off BIG time!

    And the same with giving him the silent treatment, he’s in heaven duhhhh sit his ass down and talk him into submission I say!!!!


    • Lol! Many years ago I actually tried the “withholding sex” tactic on my ex when she was being especially obnoxious to me. She rolled her eyes, exclaimed “you gotta be kidding me!” and then in about ten minutes time, she had me eating more than just my words. That’s one tactic that just doesn’t work very well for guys – unless they have a hell of a lot more self control than I did back then… Lol ;-)

  4. Sam says:

    haha happy 2012 :)

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