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What Am I Gonna Do?

This is serious… She’s leaving me! What am I gonna do??? Pregnant pause… * * * * * Nope… the test strip reads negative. Whew! At least I don’t have to worry about that! But my wife is still leaving … Continue reading

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Honesty in Advertising – Billboard Signs

* * This is a good one for me right now. Because although I haven’t smoked pot since the 1980s, I feel like I totally forgot where I put my brain today. * * Maybe a little too brutally honest. … Continue reading

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Home Invasion!

Yeah, we’ve got mice again. Seems like they left us alone for the Summer and most of Fall, but now that it’s getting colder, they’re back and partying inside the walls, as well as other places. We hear them scuffling … Continue reading

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ATale of Two Kitties

It was love at first sight. He looked up at me with bugged out green eyes and a totally deranged and excited expression on his little gray face. They let me hold him and the deal was sealed. As I … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Use in the Restroom

It’s time for my afternoon coffee break so I can recaffeinate and rewordify. That’s the thing about drinking lots of coffee, it makes you run to the bathroom and also run at the mouth! Let me demonstrate… (running at the … Continue reading

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Yep, just like the title says, Anything Goes! Well, almost anything… There will be no nudity or porn, which is just as well, because if you want that sort of thing, it’s everywhere on the web, so you don’t need … Continue reading

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Getting Wood

Tonight’s topic is Getting Wood. And I don’t mean the type that ya throw in the fire place… Although come to think of it, in order to get wood, a man’s gotta keep those romantic fires burning, which means that … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Misadventure

This is the most awe inspiring sunset I’ve ever witnessed. But you know the problem with sunsets? After the sun goes down, it gets dark. Which is what my wife kept reminding me repeatedly while I was trying to get … Continue reading

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Meet The Wife And Kids!

Greetings Fellow Bloggers! I had a tough time waking up this morning, and I didn’t really feel fully alert until almost noon. No, no wild saturday night for me last night… Most of my wild nights are behind me now, … Continue reading

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In Therapy

It was a crushing disappointment. I was just so sure that I had passed the audition and I was going to be cast as the lead for “JAWS! The Musical”. They even told me that the part was as good … Continue reading

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