The One That Got Away

I’m a guy who throughout my adult history has done okay with women. I’m sure not Casanova, but I’ve still had a fair amount of success with the Fair Sex. Enough so, that I don’t mind talking about a time or two that I got burned, when the memory is years in the past, and more fond now than it was painful then.

I got “burned” during my first ocean dive to complete my PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) six week scuba training course, back when I was 26 years old. For my first open water ocean dive, I was buddied up with this 19 year old co-ed from Boston College. There is only one way to describe her… she was hot!

She was the kind of girl who always has her flirt on When she was around a guy, she had a seductive look in her eyes, and her body language spoke of subtle and smoldering sexuality. Her voice had a seductive and sexual undertone, even when she was just making small talk about the weather. She was a curly haired brunette, with her hair several inches below shoulder length, and she had strikingly blue eyes. Her complexion was light skinned and fair, with naturally rosy cheeks. She was also large breasted, and very full figured. Some guys may have thought she was a little bit overweight… All in all, I thought she was just fine.

Not an actual photo of her, but pretty close to what she looked like – just picture her eyes more blue.

But I soon forgot about my initial attraction to her, as I prepared for the open water dive. This was the final exam for our six week training course to become certified scuba divers. I was totally focused on demonstrating my diving skills to my instructors. Sex was the last thing on my mind, and she quickly became just another dive buddy.

But soon the open water test was over, and she and I had both passed with flying colors. We both left the water feeling really exuberant and alive! The schedule was that after an hour break for lunch, we would go diving again for just a fun recreational dive, to celebrate our new standing as certified open water divers.

So for lunch break, the air was pretty hot, and we all wanted to get out of our wet suits, which were too hot to wear on land on an unusually hot late Spring day. Being a full figured young woman, she had some trouble pulling down her “farmer johns” which is what we call the neoprene wet suit that covers divers from the chest down to the ankles.  She asked me to come and help her, as she was pulling down hard on the chest straps of her farmer johns.

As I stepped towards her, she pulled really hard down on the chest straps of her farmer johns… The result was that the wet suit suddenly pulled down to her waist, while also pulling down the top of her bathing suit, and exposing her large full breasts, and her big pink nipples. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed.  It was quite a sight! I gave myself a brief instant to look, and then turned my back, trying to be a gentleman while she put herself back together. I couldn’t help chuckling a little bit, because the whole thing seemed funny more than anything else, and I went to sit back down and eat my lunch.

Meanwhile, there was this attractive black girl, who had a bunch of grapes as part of her lunch, and she started tossing them at me, one by one… I knew that she was trying to get my attention in a rather unusual but still flirtatious way, and I probably would have responded, but right then Ms. Boston College, after making herself decent again, came over and sat down next to me. She fixed her amazingly blue eyes on mine, and without any embarrassment or a single mention of her little accident, she started to chat with me.

She asked me about a Hendrix tape that she heard me playing in my car earlier in the morning, before the certification dive. I told her that it was a newly released tape of Jimi Hendrix playing live at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. She wanted to get in my car with me, and listen to it. This made an impression on me. I’ve been into Hendrix since I heard his first album, and I still listen to his music fairly often to this day.

So when she wanted to listen to Hendrix with me, I was impressed. I let her climb into my car, and we listened to over half of the tape, playing it very loud, until other divers in our group started knocking on our windows trying to let us know that it was time for the next dive. Before she left my car, she asked me if she could borrow the Hendrix tape, and she wrote down on a piece of paper her phone number, and the address for her dorm room at Boston College. She then locked those amazing blue eyes onto mine… and said in a low and provocative voice, that what she really wanted, was for us to be together alone in her room… and to just let things happen… I was totally captivated by her, and the spell that she had just cast over me. I was only 26, and I wanted her as badly as I wanted life itself.

Two days later, I tried to call her… I got her roommate, who told me that she had finished her Spring semester early, and had moved back down to Austin Texas, where she lived with her family. I was pretty bummed out… Not only had she stood me up, but she had also stolen my Hendrix tape as well.

I just felt so used…

But anyway, here’s one of the songs that she and I listened to together that day, and the lyrics are a good description of what I was hoping would happen with her, but never did. But I still enjoy the performance all the same.


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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6 Responses to The One That Got Away

  1. benzeknees says:

    Great to see you back! Have missed your brand of humor, but totally understand your reasons!

  2. xdeviantonex says:

    So essentially the reef diving turned into….another kind of diving! Though sucks you lost your tape in the process. Well at least you got a good one now! Lol

    • Well, not this time, but eventually that came to be true in another time and place, with another woman. I guess I could say that diving has been very good to me, and yes, I have the BEST one of all now… ;-)

  3. LMAO!!!!!

    She looks like me.

    Cept she’s hotter

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