Staring at Her Elephant

“No honey! Honestly! It’s just not what it seems like at all – I was only trying to get a closer look at her elephant!”

Does the above quote seem like a guy slipping and sliding badly on thin ice, while trying to use a rather unusual excuse to explain his seemingly bad behavior to his wife? While I can’t say for sure, something similar to this conversation could have taken place between a very prominent Scandinavian man and his even more prominent Scandinavian wife.

Before I go any further here, I must give credit where credit is due, to my good WP friend Michelle of Motley News for this post: Without her delightful find, my post here wouldn’t be possible, and thank you Michelle! :-)

Now, consider the following scene below:

Here we have what seems like a blatantly obvious example of a man behaving badly, and getting caught in the act BIG TIME! The man is Dr. Pentti Arajarvi, husband of President Tarja Halonen of Finland. The object of Dr. Arajarvi’s intense chest ogling, is Princess Mary of Denmark.

This little scenario, which was captured by a Finnish TV news station, could be called “Started bust looking – Finnish looking busted.” And yes, he most certainly does!

Now I’m a man, and I can understand how any healthy red blooded male can occasionally be overcome by the urge to stare, when an exceptionally nice pair is presented in front of him.

And it’s times like these, that I try my breast, er, uhm, I mean BEST to make eye contact when looking at a woman who looks like this. It’s a guy’s best defense against getting “caught looking”, like Dr. Arajarvi so obviously did.

But let’s examine Dr. Arajarvi’s transgression again…

It does appear that Arajarvi is staring so intensely down Princess Mary’s cleavage, that it’s like he’s trying to will himself the power of x-ray vision in order to see all there is to see! And he couldn’t have been more obvious than if he tried to use a periscope positioned sideways and downward to improve his view. And there is no doubt that Princess Mary thought that he was trying to peer deep down into her valley, judging by her sudden and rapid reaction.

But after examining the evidence here, I’ve got some observations that lead to questions, and a possible conclusion that the situation here may not really be what be what it appears to be.

While an attractive woman, Princess Mary of Denmark is not overly well endowed. She is also wearing a dress with a neckline that is relatively modest, and can’t really be described as “plunging”. She just doesn’t have much cleavage on display.

So, could it be that there was something else other than “the Royal Breasts” that Dr. Arajarvi was trying to get a better look at? After spending a lot of time researching this little scandal, I have concluded that Dr. Arajarvi was not staring at Princess Mary’s breasts, but that he was trying to get a better look at something lower… and no, I don’t mean that he was trying to snatch a peek below her waist. His gaze was fixated higher than that.

I have concluded that he wanted to get a better look at her “Elephant”. (What? You’ve never heard it called that before? Just kidding!) He was trying to study her “Collar of the Order of The Elephant”.

Okay, now before you conclude that I’m one seriously weird guy, (some of you may have already concluded that a long time ago) please let me explain:

Members of Danish Royalty belong to “The Order of The Elephant” which according to Wikipedia, is the highest order of Denmark. On special Royal occasions, like on this past January 16th when Queen Margrethe of Denmark celebrated her Ruby Jubilee, marking her 40th year on the Danish throne, the Danish Royals wear “The Collar of the Order of The Elephant”.

It looks like this:


And it looks like this, when being worn by Princess Mary of Denmark, and her husband Prince Frederik:

Which brings us back to the man with the stare…

While there is no denying that Dr. Arajarvi is guilty of very bad manners here, that resulted in a very embarrassing situation captured on Finnish TV and then spread around the world on the internet, I don’t think that he was guilty of trying to ogle the Royal Breasts.

He just wanted to see her “elephant”… LOL! ;-)


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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32 Responses to Staring at Her Elephant

  1. Please let me know if you are having trouble commenting on this or any of my other blog posts.
    Thanks, Chris.

  2. Nice snooping job! So that’s Princess Mary of Denmark. I knew that wasn’t the Queen of Finland as she’s older, chubby, and short red hair. And nice work with the necklace. Thanks!!!

    • Thanks! I wish my wife had the same opinion of my work that you do. She’s not impressed, because it took me around a dozen google searches and more than a couple hours of work to come up with this. Oh well… :-/

      • benzeknees says:

        Elephant Shmelephant – I still would like to know one red blooded male who would not try to sneak a peak at a woman’s breasts no matter the size! And they say it’s more sexy when the woman is covered up – then it’s a challenge for the man. He may love elephants, but it’s the breasts he is trying to peer at or he wouldn’t look so guilty when caught. Besides if he only wanted to look at the necklace he could have looked at her shoulder & then asked her about the pendant attached & I’m sure she would have been happy to show him.
        Nice try though!
        BTW had to reply this way as I couldn’t send a reply the usual way.

  3. Is that your story and are you sticking to it? Heheheheh

    • Yep, still sticking to it, I am… although the last time I watched Dr. Arajarvi’s indiscretion, I couldn’t help but notice that after Princess Mary gave him a quick look of her own, that he looked guilty as sin. Lol – But, this still could be because he knew what she thought he had been doing, even if he wasn’t really doing it.

  4. Well heck, just saw your reply to someone, about it being your story, etc…I am TOO late. Darn, wanted to be the one to ask too! :)

  5. You have received an award! :) The ABC Award. Please visit, there are some things you need to know. :)

  6. Simo says:

    Could this be a manipulation? The Arajärvi “clip” is not really a video clip, but an animation, made out of various still images. It’s clever, but could be build out of various images taken during a long dinner.

  7. Bill Ogus says:

    Hmmm. I bet other red blooded males wouldn’t mind an eyeful of those elephants.

  8. SImo says:

    You were asking for a proof. My proof was, I admit, only my ability to read moving image. Now the Danish Television confessed that the clip was a manipulation. The story is here:

    Google translate helps those who do not read Danish, here:

    • Thank you for the information you have provided. It is after midnight here, and I will have more to say when I comment on your information during the day tomorrow.

    • Again, thanks for the information you have provided here.
      This is the English translation of a paragraph of the Danish Text that you provided, in which it is admitted by the source of the originally shown video, that the video is two video clips combined, one immediately following the other, when in fact there was an 8 minute time interval between the two clips.
      “First you see the Finnish president’s man with his eyes directed toward kronprinsess Marys cleavage. The next clip is facing Mary against the President’s husband, who innocently looks up at the ceiling. But in reality, it takes eight minutes between the two clips.”
      Here are my thoughts:
      The video is manipulated in such a way that Dr. Arajarvi’s behavior looks worse than it may have actually been. But even if there was an eight minute interval between the two clips, that still does not change the fact that in the first clip Dr. Arajari was intently staring at the chest area of Princess Mary. I still think that he may have been trying to get a better view of her necklace, but that is only my opinion. (see my reply continued below)

  9. And even if there was an eight minute interval between the two clips, that still does not change the fact that in the second clip Dr. Arajarvi was looking in the direction of Princess Mary’s chest again, when she notices where his eyes are looking, and she turns her face towards him and then places her hand over the center of her chest, while Dr. Arajarvi looks away from her and then up at the ceiling. At this point, in my opinion, he does not look “innocent” to me. He looks embarrassed.
    But I still do not respect the Danish TV show for manipulating the video clips in such a way that what was shown, did not actually take place in the actual sequence and amount of time it appears to have. I know that this was done to enhance the humorous value of the resulting manipulation, in order to get a greater reaction from viewers, resulting in Dr. Arajarvi being ridiculed and humiliated to a far greater degree around the world.
    I am also a man, and I feel sympathy for Dr. Arajarvi, because I know that his behavior was no worse than my own has been at times in my life in the past, and no worse than that of most men who see an attractive woman, and stare at her more than it is polite and proper to do so.

  10. well you know, you could just be right, Chris! I agree that there isn’t a lot of cleavage to stare at there (although maybe that’s why he has to look so hard for it). In any case, I actually don’t think cleavage staring is such a big deal. I don’t understand why women care about it. Except of course, if your guy is looking at ANOTHER woman’s cleavage – now that, I would get annoyed about, if I was there to see it! (but if I wasn’t, maybe not so much).

    • You actually don’t think cleavage staring is such a big deal? You are refreshingly different, Rose. Most women do think it’s a big deal, and I can understand when women complain about not wanting to be physically and sexually objectified, at the expense of their identity and dignity. Yet many women still wear plunging necklines and push up bras to make their breasts more noticeable and eye catching. I guess that these women want their breasts to be noticed by men, but maybe noticed more subtly than obviously – with a brief glance of admiration, rather than a long and obvious stare.

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  14. greatmartin says:

    You nongay men are as strange as ever!

    • Yep. And you should know by now, that you are dealing with one of the strangest of the most strange of all! If I got any stranger, I wouldn’t recognize my own reflection in the mirror!

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