Assorted Bummers Spoiling My Otherwise Awesome Life

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for a while on WordPress. I just want you to know, each of you individually, and ALL of you collectively… that it’s not you; it’s me… No, really… It’s not you. It’s definitely me. And that is why I have been ignoring you for the last ten days.

And please, no tears. Because I am not breaking up with you. This is not a SABUM. (Seinfeld Approved Break Up Method) Any and all relationships I may or may not be having with each of you, will be resumed and will continue, within no less than seven days from now.

If we were having great sex, we will continue to have great sex again, only even better this next time, if you can possibly begin to even imagine such an incredible experience being even better than before, and beyond your wildest dreams ever come true.

If we were just occasional online chat buddies, that will also resume again, only slightly more frequently this time around, when you are in the mood, and if you feel like it.

If we exchanged amusing and supportive comments of each others blogs, that will resume as well, and I’ll try to make my comments shorter this time, instead of my comments being longer than your post that I am commenting on…

If we hated each others guts with a passion that burned more intensely than all the mighty fires of Hell, then that hatred will resume again as well, in ALL of its intensity, and please accept my sincere apologies for making you feel ignored, and less than what you really mean to me, with every fiber of ALL of my very being.

If we meant absolutely nothing to one another, in any way, shape, or form, that mutual state of non being will also will resume again, and with an even greater level of mutual apathy for each other, than ever before.

This, I promise each and every one of you, as well as ALL of you, with no one excluded.

I guess at this point, an explanation for my absence is required…

I couldn’t help but notice that it was a beautiful mid Spring day today, after my doctors appointment, and the weather was perfect. So I lowered all my windows down in my car, so I could breathe in the fresh Spring air.

This resulted in my nose clogging up and then running down and out of my nostrils like Niagara Falls. My eyes also soon became red and watery. I had Hay Fever attack me like it was f*cking nuclear fall out.

This was just after finding out from my doctor, that I have Lyme Disease. Not exactly the end of the world, but not very good news either.

It’s treatable and it has a cure, and that’s all I really need to know.

I’d like to leave you with a video… It’s from this band called The Beatles. They enjoyed some success in the 1960s.

Personally, I think they were pretty good.


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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33 Responses to Assorted Bummers Spoiling My Otherwise Awesome Life

  1. Elyse says:

    Chris, well that news just sucks. The treatment is very effective though, so I’m glad you’re getting it. Now, I can give you a whole lot of advice on the medical system, as I have chronic health problems. But I will refrain (you’re welcome).

    Remember to take the time you need to recover. Period. You will have good days and bad days and the good ones will become more and more frequent and the bad ones less so.

    Hope you feel better soon and come back in a flash (but not flashing. That would be way too much)!

    • Hey, any and all advice is always welcome here. I’ve been feeling slightly better this morning, so that’s encouraging.

      And yes, I will try to refrain from flashing – I’m tempted sometimes, but I know that you are right – cause that would be WAY too much! It’s caused women to faint before, and being a responsible sort of guy, I like to be around so that I can personally attend to the prostrate woman and gently revive her. Obviously, in a case of online fainting, I can’t do that, so my sense of responsibility and decency will keep me in line. Lol ;-)

  2. RFL says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Sorry for the diagnosis, but happy it is treatable.

  3. I’m glad you wrote this post, because I was sort of getting a complex… now I know its you! Seriously, hope you are feeling better soon and that Niagara Falls dries up long enough for you to meaningfully hit the keyboard again soon. Wishing you all the very best with the health issues. You will no doubt become very grateful for that wonderful sense of humour of yours, if you haven’t already.

    • No no no! We don’t want you to get a complex! Not unless you can buy it dirt cheap, fix it up, and sell it for a substantial profit… otherwise getting a complex is usually a bad investment!

      Thanks for your best wishes, and I do appreciate them. I am feeling a little bit better this morning, and the flow of “Niagara Falls” has been greatly reduced.

  4. OMG! Lyme Disease??? Wow. I hope you get over it soon. I hear it does take a while. What were your symptoms? Did you see a bulls-eye rash? Yeah… being nosy. Just wonderin’….

    Glad to know you are still alive. I’ve been concerned with your MIA – and have most certainly missed your comments. My posts just are not the same without your visit and participation. So, hopefully you be back and chipper soon and can jabber away and comment longer than my post – as I do not mind.

    • Thanks for your concern and I don’t think you’re being nosy at all. As far as symptoms, it’s felt like having the flu on again and off again for about the last month. I think I’m better, and then I’m not. I’ve also been getting extreme fatigue and sleeping ridiculously long hours, which for a lifetime insomniac like me, is very strange … but I still never feel like I’m well rested, no matter how much sleep I get. I’ve also been getting some moderate joint pain, which is a typical symptom.

      I found the tick bite about 6 weeks ago, but it didn’t have the classic bulls eye rash – just a red and swollen area around the bite, about the size of a 50 cent piece.

  5. Sorry to hear about your bad news. I’m sure your positive outlook and sense of humor will keep you strong! Hope treatment goes well for you :)

  6. Is that Lyme or lying disease????
    What misquito would be dumb enough to bite you??
    Okay I still love you even if you don’t comment on my hard written posts anymore :O(

    • Well with ALL the time I’ve spent with YOU in the past, I probably am affected with some sort of “lying disease” and you are the responsible carrier! BTW, mosquitoes are neither smart nor dumb, since they are insects and any kind of human intelligence measurement is just not applicable.

      Also, Lyme disease is caused by a TICK bite and not that of a mosquito. Just thought that you should know… since I do try my best to keep you as educated as I possibly can, however difficult that may be. Lol ;-)

      And yes, Martin, I still LOVE you too, and please forgive me if I have been neglectful. I’ll try to be more attentive to your needs from now on. :-)

  7. Ewwww you’re diseased?

    *unfriends you*

    • You really shouldn’t worry, since you can’t catch it from online contact. In fact, even if we were balling each other silly IRL, you couldn’t catch it that way either, so you should be so lucky! Lol ;-)

  8. Elliot says:

    Wondered where you were. Hope you get sorted out soon.

    I checked out that band. They seem decent, I might have to check them out some more.

    • It will get sorted out one way or another… and thanks for your concern.

      Yeah, I think that band is pretty good. Maybe overrated in some ways, but not at all in other ways.

  9. I hope you are beginning to feel better now.

    I’m a die-hard Beatles fan. The Beatles dominated the music industry in the 60s. However, I believe that video and the piece of music was actually from the early 70s. I’m guessing 1971.

  10. Thanks! :-) Actually, I am feeling somewhat better this morning. Not to go out of my way to question your Beatleology, but I think that video and music was “released” in 1970 but actually performed in early 1969. The Fabs were not at all happy with the “Get Back Sessions” and due to constant fighting within the band, they trashed the whole thing before finishing it.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that Phil Spector dug the whole thing out of the trash, and with the blessing of Harrison and Lennon, he reworked the rough Beatles studio tapes into the “Let It Be” album and also the movie of the same title, for release in 1970.

    But I’ve always loved the Apple Roof Top Concert, because at least for that performance, which was their very last live performance together – they looked somewhat happy as they played those songs.

  11. I have a photo I need you to caption. Check out my “Parting Shot” last night. Thanks! :D

  12. benzeknees says:

    Lyme Disease? Is that why you’ve been sick quite a bit lately? So what kind of treatment? Hope you get better soon.

    • Yeah, apparently that is why I’ve been chronically sick for a while now, but I feel better knowing the reason why, and also knowing that it is treatable with antibiotics – even though recovery often takes a long time.

      Thanks for your concern and for wishing me well. I wish you and yours the same. :-)

  13. GOF says:

    Let’s just continue to be supportive of each others blogs……I’m sure you have plenty of demand for the other options.
    The Beatles were a phenomenon which will probably never be equalled in the musical world.
    Hope your treatment works rapidly and that you are feeling better soon.

    • Lol – That works for me as well, GOF. :-) And yes, I could say that I am always in demand, but never overly demanding… and while I could say that, only half of my statement would be true. ;-)

      Agree with you on The Beatles being a phenomenon never to be equaled. And did you know that when John Paul became Pope, that George Ringo were quite miffed? Lol ;-)

      Thanks for your encouragement on my health, and I hope that this reply finds you in good health these days also.

  14. Not half bad the Beatles, pity they never really made anything of themselves!

    • Yes, I believe that you are correct in your assessment of The Beatles, because they forgot to make the 100 foot tall giant statues of themselves – so that their most devout fans could even more thoroughly worship them… a very unfortunate mistake on their part.

  15. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Thanks for explaining SABUM, I hadn’t heard that one. Loved your opening. It IS always the question: is it me? :(
    That hay fever sounds BAAAAAD. It’s funny you had a break only 10 days but felt it was ages. My MIA was about as long but I felt it was aaaaages.

    Great post! :)

    • Thanks Noeleen! :-) I loved the Seinfeld show when it was still current. Did you get to see it in Aus?

      The hay fever hasn’t been bothering me the last few days, which makes me feel very lucky, because this past weekend there was so much pollen in the air, that my black car was dusted with yellow. Maybe it’s a different kind of pollen than whatever it was that attacked me the day I wrote this post, cause that was nasty!

      Lol – I guess that must be something that you and I have in common; that 10 day break from WP seems like aaaaages for both of us, and expecially when we’re sick.

      Hope that you’re continuing to feel better, and thanks for stopping by! :-)

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