T Mobile SUCKS!!!

What time is it now, anyway?! Oh, I see… It’s now 5:46 PM. That means I’ve now been on a call with T Mobile, my very soon to be former cell phone service provider, for 45 minutes and counting…

This process of re-activating my cell phone account, which should have been a transaction that would take one customer service representative ten minutes to complete, has now taken three customer service reps over 45 minutes to attempt to complete without success.

Since I am now on hold, and waiting for a fourth T Mobile customer service rep to do successfully what the other three could not do, and since I’ve been waiting for so long, I’ve decided to blog about my experience – to give me a more productive way to spend my time, while I sit here and wait…

I am willing to admit that yes, in one way I did bring this situation upon myself, because I was a bad boy and didn’t pay my bill on time, and so my account got suspended. That is my fault and I am willing to own up to my own fault being the original cause of the problem.

BUT… after it took the first T Mobile customer service rep or CSR,  approximately five minutes to process my payment for my balance owed in full via my debit card, then THEY became the problem, and have been the ongoing source of the problem for over 45 minutes now since they took my money, because of their inability to answer two very simple questions:

1. Do I get to keep my original phone number?

2. Do I get to keep my original calling plan, with the same number of minutes I can use before incurring additional charges, and for the same regular monthly amount that I have been paying for over two years now?

When the first CSR who processed my payment, couldn’t answer my two questions, but then promised to transfer me to someone else in customer service who could answer my questions, I was patient and understanding, since I understood that she might not know the answers, and my time on hold was only less than two minutes.

But then when the second CSR picked up my call, and had no prior knowledge whatsoever of my situation, I was mildly irritated. She began the call by asking me how she could help me…

But I was still polite and explained to her that I had paid in full a past due balance, with the first CSR that I had spoken with only a few minutes earlier, but before my phone was reactivated, I needed to verify some information first, and I again asked her my two questions.

It was like she didn’t hear or understand a single word I said, because her reply was “Yes, Mr. Sheridan, I can see that you have paid your account balance in full, so thank you very much for continuing to be a T Mobile customer, and I will now go ahead and reactivate your phone.”

Me: “No, do NOT reactivate my phone. Do NOT reactivate my phone, until you first tell me if I can keep my original phone number and the same calling plan that I have had each month, before my account was suspended for nonpayment.

CSR # 2: “We have processed your payment, Mr Sheridan. T Mobile thanks you for your business and I will now be happy to reactivate your phone for you.”

Me: NO! Do NOT reactivate my phone yet! Did you hear and understand the two questions I just asked you? I need to hear the answers to both of my questions first, before you reactivate my phone. (I repeat both questions for her again)

CSR # 2: (long pause… deep breath.) “I understand just how you feel, Mr Sheridan, and I apologize for this delay. But I will now transfer you to someone in customer service who can help you with your issue, and expedite the reactivation of your T Mobile phone.

Me: “But, wait a minute!” (suddenly back on hold again – this time for over ten minutes)

CSR # 3: “T Mobile customer service – How can I help you?”

Me: “Do you have any knowledge of the two previous conversations I have had with the two previous T Mobile customer service reps, within the last 30 minutes?”

CSR # 3: (long pause…) “May I please have your name, sir?”

Me: (all my patience gone now, but still keeping my voice in a low but deeply menacing monotone…) “If you need to ask me my name, well then I guess that you don’t have any knowledge of my two previous conversations with the two previous customer service reps within the last 30 minutes, now do you?”

CSR # 3: (long pause…)

Me: “I don’t hear your voice… Are you shaking your head from side to side, to answer my question ‘No’? Or are you nodding your head up and down to answer my question ‘Yes’? Neither way of answering works very well on a telephone, since I can’t see you… I suggest that you try using spoken words as a more effective way of communicating with me.”

CSR # 3: (long pause…) “It would help if I could have your name, sir…”

Me: “You are obviously the second T Mobile rep in a row, to know absolutely nothing about the previous information that I have already just repeated two times in a row, or the issue that I need your help with. Why is that? Don’t you people ever talk to each other at T Mobile? Apparently not!”

CSR # 3: “Uhmm… I… I understand just how you feel, Mr. uhh, sir, and I apologize for this delay. But if you can give me your name, I will try to expedite the reactivation of your T Mobile phone.”

Me: “You understand nothing. And you know even less, but let me explain once again, for the third time, who I am, what my situation is, and the two questions that I need answered, and just maybe your “expediting” will actually be successful this time!”.

So, for the third time, I repeat everything that I previously told the two other CSRs, including asking my two questions, and the third CSR puts me on hold for five minutes. When she returns, she says cheerfully, “We have processed your payment, Mr Sheridan. T Mobile thanks you for your business and I will now be happy to reactivate your phone for you.”

Me: “Stop! Don’t DO anything! I need to ask you another question… You seem to speak English very well, and I have no trouble understanding your English as you speak to me…

BUT… Do you understand English when I use English to ask you a question? Because for the third time now, you are the third T Mobile customer service rep in a row, who can speak English clearly in a way that I can understand, and yet when I speak English to ask you only two questions, you seem to not even begin to understand what my questions actually mean, because you give me an answer that is no answer at all, and irrelevant to the questions I have asked you! Do you understand spoken English or not?!”

CSR # 3: (long sigh…) “Mr. Sheridan, I do understand your questions that you have spoken in English, but I am not qualified to answer them… and I cannot…” (I interrupt her) “Finally!” I almost yell into the phone! “Finally, an answer that actually makes sense! Thank you so much! Now… Can you please transfer me to someone; maybe an account supervisor, who IS qualified to answer my questions? Could you please find a way to DO that for me???”

Okay, to make an already very long story somewhat less long, after waiting another 15 minutes on hold, I was finally able to talk to someone in enough of a position of authority at T Mobile to not only answer my questions, but to also give me the answers that I wanted to hear. Yes, I got to keep my original cell phone number and yes, I got to keep my original calling plan with the same number of minutes, and at the same monthly rate that I’ve been paying for over two years.

And yes, after over an hour and ten minutes spent on our land line phone… my cell phone was reactivated!!!

And then 20 minutes later, something curious happened… My recently reactivated cell phone rang. When I answered the call, I heard an obviously automated voice say “Hello. This is T Mobile. According to our records, you recently contacted T Mobile customer service, and we would like to offer you the opportunity to comment on your T Mobile customer service experience.”

I normally don’t waste my time on this sort of thing, but this time was different. Ohhh…. Was it ever soooo different, this time around!!!

I drew in a very deep breath as I prepared to really let fly with all of my frustration about my recent T Mobile customer service experience!

But before I could say a single word, the call dropped out…

No, they didn’t call back, and no, I have no intention of calling them…

At this point, I just want to be DONE with all this!


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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18 Responses to T Mobile SUCKS!!!

  1. greatmartin says:

    Let’s see if I can do better with you–how/where do you select categories??? I get tags but not categories

    • Martin Buddy… I don’t need witnesses because I’m not trying to appeal my conviction to get out of the Big House like you are in your current situation. And Martin, just thought that I’d also let you know that AT&T is NOT a law firm, so you might want to reconsider your choice for your defense! And of course, I’m KIDDING! Lol ;-)

      I’ll get back to you on your other questions tomorrow via e-mail. The guards here just shouted “LIGHTS OUT!” so I have to log off now, and I’ll catch ya later…

  2. Out of curiosity…. why would you think you wouldn’t get your number back? You were just late in your payment and they shut you off. You didn’t cancel your plan or deactivate your account. I have T-Mobile, too, and it’s been okay. Nothing great, but no problems. But then, I have not had to deal with their customer service line. I figure, no matter what cell phone company I use, there’s always going to be b.s. at some time.

    • Because of two reasons, which I now realize that I did not really explain in my post. The first CSR I spoke with, who took my payment over the phone, said that I might not be able to keep my original phone number, but then she became vague and couldn’t confirm whether or not that was true.

      This made me suspicious, because I knew that my 2 year contract with T Mobile had recently run it’s full term and that now I could dump T Mobile if I wanted to, without being penalized with expensive extra charges for breaking the contract. I was suspicious that T Mobile might take my reinstatement as an opportunity to bind me into a new contract that could be substantially more expensive for me, so I wanted all the facts confirmed before I let them go ahead and reactivate my phone.

      Was I being paranoid? Maybe… But I have heard of other cell phone companies who have locked their customers into expensive contracts, with the contract taking effect as soon as the customer used their phone for the first time, and without the customer knowing that this had happened, until they read their next bill. That is what was really going on with me, and why I was so determined to get T Mobile to answer my questions – before allowing reactivation of my phone.

  3. Karen H. says:

    Hahahaha I am laughing, but only in sympathy. I had a similar experience with Comcast Cable on my recent move. And then… OMG and then I had to call them back after I moved because of a problem with my cable when I unplugged the box to move it, and when I plugged it back in, it didn’t work (yeah I know lol) and the idiot I got on the phone for that one…. OMG a MONKEY would have comprehended what I wanted better than that guy. Oooh I think you just inspired my next blog post!! Gah. And I totally get why you ask those questions about your number and your calling plan. They don’t tell you these things, then have the audacity to say “Well, you didn’t ask!” Oy. I feel your pain! Great post. :)

  4. You hit the nail right on the head – I don’t trust cell phone companies (or cable cos) as far as I could pick up their corporate home office buildings and throw them! Thanks for enjoying my post, and thanks for relating to the aggravation I was going through.

  5. horrible people, let’s set the Vogons on them!

  6. You poor man. I have a cell phone but I share it with my husband. I rarely use it. We have to plan where we pre-pay which is just fine with me. I actually hate the phone. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s cell or land, I hate it. What’s so peculiar is I find that I’m quite find of communicating through email and other devises over the Internet.

    • Yeah, it was a real pain the behind at the time, but it’s all behind me now… Lol

      I’m not really much of a cell phone person either, but I have one mainly for potential emergencies, and for the occasional convenience – like if I’m at the store and I want to call my wife to see if there’s anything else she needs, before I come home. My cell phone is as basic and easy to use as they can be these days, and very inexpensive – which is just what I want, since I’d rather spend my money on other things.

  7. aontheborder says:

    Hi Chris,
    I had T-Mobile while I lived in the US, and I understand that things may have changed since the GFC, but I always found them helpful, and I was ‘suspended’ more than once, but our numbers NEVER changed, we just got better and better phones, and better deals the longer we were customers of theirs. Keep the faith!! lol

    • Well, hello there, Amanda! And welcome to WordPress! Or at least to my small corner of the vast World of WordPress. Many bloggers have been known to show up here on WP for the first time, and then are never ever seen again… Kinda like those early 20th century English explorers who took expeditions into the Amazon rainforest and then vanished without a trace.

      But not to worry my long time and dear friend… because I won’t let that ever happen to you. While I’m not exactly famous here on WP, I still have learned enough survival skills to not become just another one of the many disappeared bloggers lost forever in the permanently anonymous mists of the WordPress Triangle. So just stick with me, and you’ll be fine. :-)

      T Mobile? They are dead to me now… Well, OK, maybe that’s an overstatement, but I’m completely over any previous concern about anything to do with them.

      It’s just really great to have you show up here Amanda! :-) I’m sure that we’ll do our usual thing here on WP, just like we have done so often before, and have lots of fun!

  8. benzeknees says:

    We have a similar problem with our DVR. Every time we call them with a problem (no matter what the problem is), they want to re-boot the machine. Every time they re-boot the machine it takes between 3 – 5 days to fully load the information from all the networks back into the machine. So during the time it is reloading this information, if we have any shows set to record, they don’t record. So when we call them now, the first words out of our mouths is “Do not re-boot my machine without my express consent!” Some still do & it really sucks, but at least now some don’t.

    • That sounds like a major drag, Lynda. I think that part of the problem with customer service these days, is that the customer service reps are trained with manuals – and in such a way that instead of thinking through a customer’s problem with their own intelligence to solve the problem, they look for a pre-programed generalized answer from the manual, that seems like it might solve the problem.

      But those pre-programmed answers, without any additional thought by a person who is thinking specifically about the problem the customer has described, often don’t solve the problem, and in your case, using the pre-programmed answer from the manual can make the problem a lot worse.

      I understand how you feel, because it can be very frustrating when you feel like you’re dealing with a robot instead of a person, and the robot can only repeat ineffective and wrong answers.

      • aontheborder says:

        Ask to speak to a US technician. Pretend you can’t understand them from the outset. When we had trouble with our broadband, we would do this and we always got put onto a properly trained tech in the states that could think about the problems more laterally. You can only try it.

  9. jane madison says:

    I have been with tmobile for over a decade and was very happy with it. Signed a new contract last year and got a phone, had 3 other lines I did not update. Was told the 2-year contract was for the 1 phone. Was told I could cancel the one line in January 2013 as its 2-year contract would be up. Tried to cancel that line, told no. Why not? I am not new to phone contracts. I understand the 2 years means you are paying for the “free phone” during that time and that is why you have a fee for cancellation. However, the line I wanted to cancel had already paid off its phone. Also, why lie and say I could cancel in January when I could not? After over a decade with them, as soon as I can cancel my lines, I will. Right now, they want $800. Can’t do it. But when it is down enough that I can afford to cancel, I will. And as I told them, they will not get another cent out of me. Beware their lies. They will screw you like they screwed me.

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