The “Anything is Possible!” Post

With it now being thursday, and with most of us on the verge of the Memorial Day long weekend, I’m sure that the world of WordPress is about to empty out like a freshly unclogged bathtub drain – but hopefully most of us will be headed for more enjoyable destinations that that one… Lol

I’m in an “I Don’t Really Care What I Write Here” kind of mood, so just about anything is possible here in this post – just total stream of consciousness writing about whatever crosses my mind.

My wife and I just finished getting together a bunch of clothing that neither of us wants or needs anymore, to donate to a charity that will pick it up from our door step.

But in a celebration of the advantages of married life, we turned it into a spontaneous and very enjoyable “game”. My wife modeled each article of clothing for me that she was thinking about giving away, so I could give my opinion on whether it should stay or go. But… she modeled everything while either topless or nude below the waist, depending upon the article of clothing she was modeling for me. (If you think this is TMI, then I’m sure there are lots of other posts you can read instead, and thanks for stopping by.)

This approach turned a mundane and boring chore into a provocatively exciting experience that we both really enjoyed. At 51 years old, my wife still has a great looking shape that many a 20 year old female would envy, and she still gets as turned on by showing off her body to me, as I get turned on by watching her. Definitely a win-win situation for both of us, all the way. ;-)

After completing the modeling session for the benefit of charity, as well as other more personal benefits, we shared an exceptionally passionate celebration of our victory over boring living. It was a great way to spend our morning together, and we are both still smiling happily; both of us still bathed in the pleasurable warmth of mutual afterglow.

And yes, my wife knows I’m writing this, and she doesn’t mind at all. Although posting any “less than dressed” photographs of her online is strictly forbidden, and I would never think of betraying her trust in me, in such a reprehensible way.

Although… there is one bikini shot of her, that she has given me permission to post, and although I posted it recently on a previous post here, I’m in the mood to post it here again, since I am very proud of her, and proud that she has been my wife for over 21 years now.

She was 35 years old when this was taken, but she has kept herself in such great shape, that she really doesn’t look that much different now, 16 years later. And yes, I admit it… I am being a show off with my enjoyment of showing her off. :-)

Okay… I heard that! One of you just whispered something about how I should be willing to do a little showing off of my own, since I’m so willing to show off my wife. And hey, since fair is fair… then why not?


This is me doing my impression of Michelangelo’s “David” – during his “Fat Elvis” phase. Yeah, I’m afraid that by this point, Dave had really let himself go, and in a BIG way! Sad, isn’t it? If Goliath had seen him like this, Dave would have never needed that sling shot, cause Goliath would have fallen down and died laughing! Lol ;-)

Okay, enough of this foolishness! I promised my wife equal time, and I’m gonna deliver!


Oh shit! I forgot to issue the sunglasses warning to protect you from the blinding whiteness of my skin in this shot! Sorry about that! Lol ;-)

Yes, that is really me… or how I looked in 1991 at age 35, and I looked emaciated, because at the time I was a dedicated distance runner who ran at least 6 miles a day during the week, with a 12 mile run on most weekends. I was training for running the Boston Marathon in 1992, which I ran and completed with a time of 3:56:49.

But at 5′ 11″ tall and weighing 160 lbs, I was in great shape for distance running, but just too thin for my body build. I have other pics of me from this time, in which I look like a starving member of a refugee camp – so this one isn’t that bad.

But later in life, I gave up running because of chronic knee problems, and I replaced running with bike riding and swimming as my main forms of exercise, which I still do today. I also concentrated more on weight training at the gym, and added a lot more muscle mass, which helped to get rid of my emaciated look.


This is me doing yard work last summer – I weighed about 195 here at age 54, and I think that I look a lot better than I did during my distance running days of 15 years earlier. And I even have a tan! Lol :-)

Okay… I have a confession to make… The two previous photos are NOT really me, and it’s just time to be truthful for a change, and stop all the bullshit!

This is really me:


Yes, so sad but true… that the truth really is that I’m just another ab obsessed pretty boy trying to look like a stereotypical hunk, to reassure my massively insecure male ego – and I’m just SOOO ashamed!!! :-(  (sob… sniff… sniff…) Please try to be understanding, if you can find it in your heart to take pity on me, and my miserable state of being. :-(

LOL! :-) Kidding! ;-)


Ooops! That was NOT the one I was trying to post! But hey, what the hell… and why not? Yes, there have been bachelor parties in my past… But not for many years, and that is no bull… Hmm… that chick in profile on my left is kinda scary looking. Even in this rather poor quality photo, you can still see the evil red glow of her vampire eyes, and her head is alarmingly close to my neck! I’m glad that I made it home alive that night!

What other damage can I do here today? Maybe a more wholesome change of direction would be a good thing about now…

So with that in mind, here’s a pic of my Mom:

My Mom in around 1971 when she was 38 years old. I love this pic of her…


This is a portrait of my Dad that I scanned from an old newspaper clipping. I’m guessing that he was about 35 when this was taken, which would have been around the time that he and my mother first met. I did not inherit his strikingly handsome looks…

Oh well, I guess I’ve done all right with what I’ve had to work with, anyway. When it comes to female attention, I’ve seldom felt deprived, because “handsome really is… as handsome does” and I’m living proof. I’m also very modest too, and let me tell you all about it! Lol – maybe another time. ;-)

Here’s one of my Mom & Dad together, much later in life:

Lol – Does my Dad remind you of anyone in particular that you might know??? ;-) I may not have gotten his looks, but I definitely got a major dose of his personality and sense of humor! :-)

Well, maybe it’s now time to stop this meandering and directionless post… Yep, I think it’s time.

So as my buddy Bill Clinton has been known to say, “In closing…” (this is where you all cheer wildly with angry sarcastic derision and a great sense of relief, like they did during Clinton’s legendarily way too long speech at the 1988 Democratic National Convention)

In closing, I’d like to thank all my friends and readers here on WordPress for following and reading my blog, and also wish each and every one of you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

I don’t know what you’ll be doing, but we’ll be eating lots of lobsters! Yum!!!

Last year’s victims… (he gloats without a trace of remorse)


Happy Memorial Day! (unless you’re a lobster!)


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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10 Responses to The “Anything is Possible!” Post

  1. found you under “humor”, but there’s so much more – Great to read about such a great relationship !

    • Thanks! :-) Not only for your comment about our relationship, but also for reading and appreciating my post, AND for letting me know that you found my post under a tag! Because I haven’t been able to find it under ANY tags that I used, so it’s good to know that yes, my post is really out there! Somewhere… Lol :-)

  2. RFL says:

    Enjoyed the post! Your family pics are fun, and bragging on your wife is always endearing. Now, its my turn to be jealous of the lobster! We are going to a crawfish boil this weekend, and that’s about as close as we get to your victims last year.

    • Thanks! :-) And hey, a crawfish boil sounds like a good time to me! Just gotta eat a lot more of those tasty little suckers, since they’re smaller; that’s all! So we usually put away 20 lobsters for our holiday dinner, and I’m making a very rough guess that would be equal to around 150 crawfish – So I hope you and yours get at least that many and have a great time chowing down! :-)

  3. xdeviantonex says:

    Lol I bet if those lobsters had fingers they would so be flipping you off for posing them! As for the shot with the professional exotic gyration performers…. Do I really want to know what that one kneeling down in from of you is doing? Ha

    • I have no doubt that if they could, that they definitely would, and I wouldn’t blame them! But I am what I am, and I am still an unapologetic and enthusiastic lobsteravore! Lol

      What was she doing? Uhmm… she was… undoing… my… shoelace! Yeah, that was just what she was doing! Lol ;-)

  4. Very enjoyable. Just so you know, I’m 2 years older than you. ;P

  5. Ok well Chris – you’re looking good for your age, as I’m sure you know. Your wife is going to make every woman on wordpress jealous (well all us insecure ones anyway) so no more bikini shots!! And that guy with his jeans coming off (you, you said?) well, I’ve just got to go into the next room and fix a nice cup of tea….

    • Thanks! :-) My vanity really appreciates your comment, Rose. And this is a good time to let any jealous and insecure women here on WordPress know, that there will be no more postings of that photo of my wife in her bikini, because I wouldn’t want her to become “overexposed” by being overdone.

      The guy with his jeans coming off drove you to engage in the private enjoyment of… a cup of tea? Now this surprises me, Rose. Because I have read many of your posts, and except for his head, that guy is completely hairless, and I didn’t think he’d be your type.

      But now there’s always that exception to every rule, so I hope that you really enjoyed your tea! Lol ;-)

      BTW, I just wanted you to know that I’m a guy who has always been turned off by “brazilians” and I’ve always enjoyed a more traditional and mature looking triangle instead of the hairless little girl look. And the barbaric process of waxing down there, seems to me like something that would have delighted the Marquis Du Sade. My fantasy crush Tina Fey once said, in a disparaging comment about brazillians and waxing, that it wasn’t so long ago that “women grew gardens the size of a New York slice of pizza.” Lol

      Which just endears Ms. Fey to me all the more, and further reassures me that if in some miraculous way, Tina and I ever became intimate, that she wouldn’t disappoint me. ;-)

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