I Guess That Ghosts Just Don’t Like Me

There have been various times in my life when I just happen to run into someone, whether online or in real life, and we just connect, to form a very humorous dynamic. Often who this happens with, and why it happens, is a total mystery to me. It just happens for whatever reason, and I’m always glad when it happens, because it often results in a lot of fun for both parties involved.

Susie Lindau is one of those people here on WordPress, who makes that humorous dynamic happen for me. She is also a very talented writer, and every Friday Susie writes a post on her blog called “100 Word Flash Fiction” in which another blogger submits a random photograph and challenges other bloggers to write a fictional story based on the photo, no more than 100 words long.

When I read Susie’s latest version of “100 Word Flash Fiction” earlier today, I was very impressed with her writing, and I appreciated it in the serious way in which she originally intended it to be. Here’s the link: The Intruder – 100 Word Flash Fiction

But then that humorous dynamic thing kicked in…

Below is Susie’s post, followed by my comment.


The Intruder – 100 Word Flash Fiction

From the corner of the cramped bedroom, he watched her chest rise and fall under the floral comforter. He inhaled the familiar lavender scent. A quivering flash of lightning coincided with the rumble of thunder and she stirred.

After crossing the room to the bedside table, he reached for the framed photograph, but tipped it over. She sat upright while scanning the darkness that cloaked her quarters. The rhythmic pelting of rain against the window filled the room.

He slipped under the covers and ran his pale fingertip along her warm thigh.

She screamed, but he was already gone.


Have you ever had a ghostly encounter? I had one last night! I’m writing a few scenes for my book based on my experiences.


Cool! Susie, I think this is my favorite 100 word flash of yours that I’ve read since I started following you. And you had a ghostly encounter just last night? Was this ghost guy less easily spooked than the one in your story? Does your husband have reason to be jealous?

Well I’m jealous! And now you’re probably wondering why? You probably often wonder ‘why?’ many times and in many ways with me, and this is normal, since many people who know me, really wonder about me… Remember that old song “To Know Him is to Love Him”? Well, with me, it’s more like “To Know Him is to Wonder Why?”

But yeah, I’m jealous. And the reason why, is that I’ve NEVER had a ghostly encounter, however much I’ve really wanted to have a ghostly encounter, but I’ve never had one – Not even one single time!

But apparently you’ve had so many, that you’ve got enough material to write a book about it! Sigh! Life just isn’t fair…

It’s not like I haven’t tried to have a ghostly encounter! I’ve done many hours of ghostly research, learned all their ghostly habits, and their favorite ghostly hang outs. I’ve spent many nights in places where other people have been frequently haunted by ghosts, but they never bother to haunt me. It’s depressing, and it just makes me feel paranormally unwanted and inadequate…

I dunno… maybe ghosts don’t like to appear to people like me, who instead of being scared, would be delighted to see them! Maybe ghosts think that I’d ask them lots of annoying questions, and ask them for their autographs, which may really annoy them!

“You want my autograph?! In case you haven’t noticed, well I’m a flippin’ GHOST! And ghosts are supposed to be mysterious, unknown, very subtle, causing a vague but increasing sense of dread, building up to a sudden crescendo of supernatural terror! But people like you just ruin all that… and just so you know, ghosts DON’T sign autographs! I mean, really! Can’t you just chase celebrities instead of chasing ghosts? It’s really what people like you should be doing, so please just go do it right now, and leave us ghosts alone!”

Sometimes being rejected and the resulting feelings of rejection, cause me to behave even more strangely than I normally do.



Me trying to look like a ghost by sticking my face in my scanner…


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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20 Responses to I Guess That Ghosts Just Don’t Like Me

  1. susielindau says:

    Thanks so much Chris! Wow! I really appreciate the shout out. I hope your weekend is full of all kinds of strange hauntings, bumps in the night, and midnight visitors. :)

    • Well there was this one night when there were midnight visitors in my bedroom, and then lots of bumping in the night, but it had nothing to do with ghosts…

      No, it was much worse than that, cause my wife came unexpectedly home from her business trip a night early, and when she walked in, I wished that I was a ghost so I could instantly vanish!!!

      BTW, none of this is true, because my Honey is packin’ and always ready to lock ‘n load, and if that really happened, I might be a ghost right now, because I’d definitely be DEAD!!! (shiver… shudder…)

        • Glad you laughed! :-) But we may have to stop meeting like this, cause of my over 130 followers, I’d estimate that 95% are women. (not quite sure how that happened, but it’s true) and I think that my most loyal followers are getting a little jealous of the way I’ve been putting you in my spotlight here lately.

          But I’m not worried about it, and you are always welcome here anytime. I’ll soon find a way to even things out, and unruffle any feathers that may be ruffled.

          By now, you (and others) are probably thinking that my head is the size of a weather balloon, and my ego even larger, but life has a way of always bringing me back down to earth and making my self perception right sized again, so I’m not worried about that either.

          I just have to watch out for those sudden crash landings, cause those can be nasty! LOL :-D

          • susielindau says:

            Throw on a parachute and crash helmet just in case… :)

            • susielindau says:

              My husband just got home and really enjoyed our banter and especially your ghostly scan…. :)

              • I knew these replies wouldn’t land in the correct order…

                RE: Susie and spouse recent home arrival:

                Hey, I’m glad that your husband (Danny, right?) really enjoyed our banter, and he didn’t take it the wrong way when I suggested that you and I share the same bedroom, since my intentions were nothing but honorable.

                Also glad that he liked the resulting image from me sticking my face in my scanner, and that he appreciates my rare and admittedly eccentric talents. But please tell him that if he wants to do his own face scan, (probably unlikely – but you never know) to NOT forget to close his eyes while scanning, cause the light intensity is ultra bright, and I don’t want blinding him on my conscience, cause now that’s something that really could end up haunting me!

              • susielindau says:

                oh Chris you are too funny… I will pass that tip along!

            • RE: Susie and parachute/crash helmet advice:

              Would it surprise you to know I’ve heard that advice a few times before? Would it surprise you if I admitted I’ve heard it more than a few times?

              I didn’t think so. Lol ;-)

  2. greatmartin says:

    I use to e one of those people!!! :O(

  3. GOF says:

    I admire the writing craftsmanship (craftspersonship?) which goes into writing these 100-word stories. I also have a blog friend who is gifted at writing his weekly Drabble.

  4. Your face on a scanner…. Only YOU, Chris. Only you…. :)

    • It’s true Michelle. I guess that I was just feeling “different” again… ;-)

      Hey, when you’ve got a moment, please check out my photography post just before this one. You might find it interesting, and if you think I’m crazy now, well you’ll really think I’m crazy when you read what I did to get some of those shots! Lol :-)

      • Will do! I was completely brain-dead, travel-dead, time zone change-dead, and everything else last night. I made it to one or two posts, and passed out.

        • Thanks! Completely understand about being brain-dead, travel-dead, and time zone change-dead, since I’ve often been in similar condition before myself. Still love how happy you look in that picture of you on the big screen at Lucas Oil Stadium! :-)

  5. Don’t worry, they don’t like me either. What does it take to be really unpopular with ghosts? Is it, like, the absolutely LAST level of nerdy?

    • Well thanks, Rose. It’s good to know that I am not totally alone in being totally shunned by the paranormal jet set.
      Hmm… you might be right, cause being a person who is unpopular with ghosts is probably close to the last level of nerdy, and the only thing worse, would be to become a ghost who is really unpopular with other ghosts. Now there’s a scary thought! It would be like “high school after death!” LOL :-)

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