The Hype That Kills

It’s Friday, and I’m in an even more humorous mood than I usually am. BUT, unlike certain ‘comics’ named Daniel Tosh, I do not think that anything can be funny, and most of all when tragedy and heartache is involved. Except for the stricken expression on Tosh’s face, after trying to go 15 minutes with me, in a hostile improv comedy throw down, cause he’d look funny as hell after getting a major mind fucking from me. ‘Still think that gang rape jokes are funny, DT? I didn’t think so!’

When confronted by a female heckler who yelled at Tosh that “Rape jokes are never funny!” Tosh’s hilarious comeback was “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by, like five guys right now?”

Uh… DT? I was doing stand up comedy when you were still shitting your diapers, and here’s the deal with hecklers: When they get on your case in the middle of your act, you’re supposed to reply with a clever and funny comeback, that makes your audience laugh, and makes them want to like you, more than they like the heckler who is interrupting their enjoyment of your act.

If you have any real talent, your comeback to the heckler will get lots of laughter from your audience, and the heckler will shut up, cause you have proved that you are much funnier than your heckler is…

But if you don’t have any real talent, or you find female hecklers intimidating, and that makes you very angry, well you might just lose your comic cool, and forget that your comeback to the heckler is supposed to be clever and funny. So instead of being clever and funny, you lash out at her with an ugly and angry threat instead of a joke, by saying something like “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by, like five guys right now?”

Yeah, you sure showed her who’s got the real power in this confrontation didn’t ya, DT… You put that uppity bitch right back in her place with that one!

Why waste time fooling around with being clever and funny, when you can remind that stupid cunt just how much she would so not be laughing, if she was suddenly the victim of a brutal sexual assault by 5 guys, right DT? Yeah, you sure showed her, and then you showed us all what you are really all about…

You know who you remind me of DT, when I see this pic of you here?

You remind me of this guy…

You remind me of Tony Perkins, who starred as the deranged killer in “Psycho”. It’s not like you guys are twins, but I do see a slight resemblance. But now Tony Perkins was an actor who was just playing a role in which he was trying to seem like a psycho. He wasn’t really a psycho…

So when he looked like this, he was just pretending…

Just like when you said to that female heckler “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by, like five guys right now?” you were just pretending to be funny, when your real motivation was to be anything but funny, and instead, give that annoying bitch an ugly and vicious reminder of the horror of sexual violence, to get her to just shut the fuck up!!!

Smooth moves, Tosh… But I’m done with you now, cause I’ve got bigger fish to fry here today.

After hearing about the insane levels of hype surrounding “The Dark Knight Rises” movie – like the death threats made to movie critics who dared to say bad things about the film, and scalpers getting 300 dollars for a ticket to see the movie (?!?!) I was not surprised when I heard about the massacre at a showing of the movie in Colorado. Deeply saddened? Of course! Outraged? You bet! But surprised? Nope, not at all.

I read a comment on another WP blog about the massacre in Colorado, and the man wrote that “Satan is loose upon this planet…” I politely disagree, because blaming it on Satan seems like a cop out to avoid our own collective responsibility for this tragedy. I think it’s the mindless and fanatical human stupidity that is running wild in our culture today, causing a collective inability for people to keep things right sized, and their reactions in the right proportions to what they are reacting to.

Like spending millions of dollars to put a flippin’ giant rock in a museum in LA, and calling it a great work of Art, just because they very cleverly (dripping sarcasm intended) suspended it in the air, so people can walk underneath it. The Rocky Mountains are a far more massive and greater work of Art than that stupid rock in LA will ever be, which I see as a monument to human pretentiousness, and to the over inflated egos of the people who put it there, and then bask in the “glory” of their own big but ultimately trivial “accomplishment”.



Hey LA Art dudes! Check out THIS rock! What’s that? You say you’re not impressed, cause YOU didn’t put it there? Deal with it, you pretentious fools!

So when a mass hysteria of hype breaks out over nothing more important than a movie, and people’s reactions are ramped up to the point that you’d think CNN just reported the Second Coming of Christ as breaking news, I’m not surprised when a dangerously psychotic mind like the one in James Holmes becomes fixated on it, and then acts out by killing 12 people and wounding 50 more.

It’s a terrible tragedy and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. But surprising? Not to me…


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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18 Responses to The Hype That Kills

  1. greatmartin says:

    Whew! “”Satan is loose upon this planet” At least they didn’t blame it on the gays!!!!
    I saw the Batman movie this afternoon–what, did he and Robin get a divorce? No mention of the latter! I may get a death threat–read my review later this evening.

    • Nope, no blaming of gays yet, but it’s still early in the decision making process, Martin… Satan is the first choice, but they need a runner up, and they are probably having trouble deciding whether to blame gays, or blame Obama.

      Maybe they’ll compromise, and decide that Obama is really Satan, and in that role, he inspired the gays to cause all this.

      But now I shouldn’t write comments like this one… because Michele Bachmann might read it, and turn it into her next National Crusade to save America from the evil influence of those subversive voices inside her head!

      This comment is dedicated to you in a positive way, Martin, and also dedicated to an online mental asylum called “Blogster” in an entirely different way.

      I’ll be sure to read your review this evening, and please stay safe!

  2. GOF says:

    I’m appalled by Tosh (even though I have no idea who he is), impressed by the suspended rock, and gobsmacked by the Rocky Mountains.

    • There is no denying that Tosh is popular and has a following of people who think his brand of humor is funny. But I am not one of them, and I was unimpressed with Tosh from the very first time I saw him, and the numerous times since, that I have tried to watch his act to see if there was something I was missing. I decided that I wasn’t missing much at all, except for a lot of sophomoric and immature gross out humor done mainly for shock value. The kind of stuff that makes drunken college frat boys laugh…

      Tosh and his supporters claim that nothing is sacred in stand up comedy, and that anything, no matter how dark and depraved, can be a joke. While I do have my own appreciation for black humor that pushes the envelope for what many people will find offensive, for me, there still needs to be some intelligence and comic talent to support humor about depravity and dark subjects. Or a greater purpose, such as getting the audience to think about an important social issue while they are laughing.

      But all I see from Tosh and comedians like him, is what I call shock jock crap. Lots of endlessly repetitive profanity to the point that it becomes more numbing than shocking, along with mindless and disgusting grossness, for no greater purpose than shock value, without any real intelligence or comic talent driving it. Just lots of gross out jokes that drunks will laugh at because they are drunk, and young people will laugh at because they are young and inexperienced in life…

      Offensive stuff that often makes fun of human tragedy, for no greater reason than being as offensive as possible, because some people will laugh at offensive humor, just because they know they shouldn’t laugh at it, and they get an immature thrill out of it cause it makes them feel like they are being bad… Hey, if that floats your boat, then go for it.

  3. xdeviantonex says:

    I have watched like one episode of of tosh and literally felt afterwards I had undergone a intellectual enema. He is an idiot.

    • Yep… Me too. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I’ve watched Tosh numerous times, just in case I was missing the point, only to realize that there is no point, and my brain felt like a toilet that needed to be flushed after Tosh crapped in it.

  4. Summer says:

    Comics like Tosh seem funny on TV because his writers are funny. Someone else probably wrote his stand-up act, which is why he is unable to devise a remotely witty way to respond to hecklers. And like you said, his joke wasn’t a joke… it was a snarky and childish comeback.

  5. I almost jumped through my monitor at Tosh when I read what he said. What an idiot. Horrible excuse for a human being.

    And your statement, “blaming it on Satan seems like a cop out to avoid our own collective responsibility for this tragedy.” is so SPOT ON! It’s a horrible tragedy – but different from you, it does surprise me.

    Hey, I’ve got a TON of rocks here in New Mexico… I wonder if I should list them on eBay?

    • Yeah, the guy is lower than sewer slime as far as I’m concerned. In the past, I thought that Tosh was just one of those comics who’s stuff wasn’t funny to me, and mildly annoying. But now, after this stunt, my mild annoyance has cranked up to an intense hostility and total contempt for him.

      I guess that when I see something so over promoted with hype, that it turns into a mass hysteria that large numbers of people get so caught up in, that they start doing crazy things, it just doesn’t surprise me when someone who is already dangerously crazy, gets driven off the deep end by all that hysteria, and does crazy things that result in death and mayhem. Sow the seeds of mass madness, and you might reap a deadly harvest…

      Lol @ listing your New Mexico rocks on ebay! :-) Well, you’d probably need an angle to make your rocks really fascinating to people who are easily fascinated, and then make a YouTube video about your fascinating rocks, that ends up going viral.

      Do you have any rocks that…

      1. look like really cute kittens playing a piano?
      2. have an image on them formed by lichens, that looks unmistakeably like the faces of both Jesus and Mary?
      3. get together with a bunch of other rocks and make a surprise song and dance performance at a wedding reception?
      4. have official documentation proving that they fell out of Rick Perry’s head during the GOP primary debates?
      5. appeared in a scene in “The Dark Knight Rises” movie?
      6. weigh 30 tons, and look the size of a dinosaur while riding on an oversize load flatbed truck through the streets of LA, while lots of people watch, and endlessly repeat “Yep, that sure is a really big rock!”

      If you’ve got rocks with an angle to work like any of these here, give it a go, Michelle! Lol ;-)

  6. Heehee… I found his Facebook page and had to leave my opinion on it…

    • You GO girl!!!

      Thanks for posting the link to Tosh’s FB page Michelle. I decided to make my own contribution too.

      Hey there Ass Face! Got a little gift for you, to show you just how much I admire your “talent” as a stand up comic. Here’s the link so you’ll know who I am, and where you can find me:

  7. That is very weird about that Tosh guy (never mind the other one – and I’m so sorry for the people caught up in that!). How could he even have thought that MIGHT be funny! It doesn’t have the remotest ping of funniness about it.

    • I don’t think that Tosh ever intended to be funny with that particular comeback to the woman who was heckling him. I think she made him mad, so he retaliated with one of the ugliest responses that he could think of, to even so much as imply to a woman. A hateful reminder that she is physically smaller and weaker than most men individually, and totally helpless if assaulted by a group of men, and thus a potential victim of the brutality of sexual violence – if she doesn’t know when to shut her mouth, after she makes a man angry.

      Any claim by Tosh that he was just making a joke, is nothing but a lie.

  8. RFL says:

    His show bugs me, but I enjoyed his earlier stand up for awhile, and we even went to see him here in Austin a few months ago. He was upstaged by the intro act, the crowd was mostly frat boys, and he took it too far by making jokes about 9/11, and excusing that by saying that there is something funny in everything. To an extent I agree that you can find humor in any situation, but rape and human suffering are not on that list for me. I think he was better before he got so popular, and now he is just pushing the line to see how far he can go. And from what I’ve seen, he can go as far as he wants to with the crowd that follows him. I was pretty disgusted after seeing him live, and nothing that I liked about his early stand up is in his new act. You’ve made some excellent points here. Especially the comparision to Psycho!

    • Excellent timing Rachelle! When I saw the “like” from you on this post, I headed straight for the comment section of your most recent post, because I remembered a while back that you had briefly mentioned Daniel Tosh in one of your earlier posts, and I wanted to ask you if you thought I was being too hard on DT with my criticism here. But you replied here and answered all of my questions before I could ask them, so thanks very much.

      I know that humor is a very subjective thing, and I also know that more than a few people hate the humor that I enjoy, with my tendency to get into sexually risque and bawdy humor. But I never joke about real human misery or brutal violence committed against other people… I just can’t do it, and I don’t want to do it.

      All the same, honestly, this is the very first time I’ve ever publicly attacked a stand up comic, the way I did with Tosh here. That comeback to the female heckler about how funny it would be if she got gang raped, just really infuriated me.

      Thanks again for your reply, because I really do value your opinion.

      • RFL says:

        His response was equivalent to an, “I know you are but what am I” using gang rape. It’s abhorrent, and although comedy is a very subjective thing, I agree, that if you don’t know how to respond to hecklers, you don’t have any business being up on stage. Go back to your internet clip show, and show some more kids pooping off a moving skateboard (no kidding, that was a clip in the last Tosh.O I saw right before I turned it off).
        There is a reason I didn’t write about going to see his act–I was embarrassed to have been there :) Austin was the first stop on his tour, but I doubt it got much better.

        • I think I can see what you mean, with your interpretation of Tosh’s comeback… and you may be right about that being what he actually meant. But to me, that’s kinda like a guy guilty of torture saying “Hey, I only cut off the victim’s thumbs… but you’re acting like I sawed off his arms too!” But maybe my analogy here is too extreme. Yeah, it probably is… since Tosh was just making jokes about rape, and not guilty of actually raping anyone. (that we know of)

          But all the same, I’m sorry for your sake, that you were really looking forward to going in to see that show in Austin, only to have it turn into a big disappointment. I’ve had similar experiences before as well, and it’s a real drag.

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