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Conversations With My Dad

I recently mentioned that my father has been suffering from increasingly serious dementia for almost four years, and these days his mind is pretty far gone. He doesn’t have Alzheimer’s Disease, but another type of dementia called Lewy Body Dementia. … Continue reading

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My Shortest Post EVER!!!

As a man of many words, and often enough words to rival the volume of words in Websters Unabridged Dictionary, which sometimes results in my posts being just as interesting to read as a dictionary… today I have decided to … Continue reading

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Things Are Looking Up – Revised

My extended self exile from WordPress is now over. I have met my previously planned goals during my near total absence from blogging and commenting on WP, since the end of this past July. And yes, I’ll soon be haunting … Continue reading

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No, really… I’m not just kidding around here! I am seriously buzzed on one of my biggest caffeine overdoses ever! I have an extremely high capacity to function somewhat normally on levels of caffeine so high, that if the average … Continue reading

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