Things Are Looking Up – Revised

My extended self exile from WordPress is now over. I have met my previously planned goals during my near total absence from blogging and commenting on WP, since the end of this past July. And yes, I’ll soon be haunting the blogs of my fellow WP bloggers that I was following, before my absence. I’ve been spending lots of quality time with my wife for almost all of two months now, during a very difficult time for her, and she no longer feels like the amount of time that I spend online is excessive and coming at the expense of her happiness. She no longer feels like a WordPress Widow.

Even better, my wife recently found a new job that pays substantially more than what she was being paid by her former employer of eight years, who laid her off on August 1st. I am very proud of Jean for the way in which she has made such an impressive recovery, after losing her job less than two months ago, as I described in my post Not a Good Day

Jean’s excellent reputation in her field, for being a dependable and hard working professional, who has always given her clients her very best effort, while doing so with a pleasant and cheerful disposition, has been rewarded. She was able to go to interviews with prospective employers, armed with four letters of recommendation from two people whom she had worked with, and also from two major customers that she has worked for, who all gave her glowing reviews. I guess that even in this doubtful day and uncertain age, sometimes hard work can still pay off after all.

While we still aren’t exactly rolling around in money here, our combined incomes are now looking pretty good, and even more so, after I got a recent raise from my employer. If there was a ravenous wolf at our door before, that wolf now seems more like a playful puppy, and we might even let him in! :-)

But enough on that… I know that there’s still a lot of economic pain and suffering out there, so I don’t want to flaunt our good fortune. And we still have our problems, just like everyone else in life does. My father suffers from advanced dementia and he needs constant care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a heartbreaking situation for all involved, that has been ongoing for almost four years now, but still a situation that I know many others are also going through, as caregivers for an elderly and terminally ill parent, or another loved one.

My own health isn’t that great, as I continue to suffer from the symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease, which has been making me sick in varying degrees since this past April. Treatment is still ongoing, even if seemingly not all that effective at times. But I am dealing with it as well as can be expected, and my sense of humor is (usually) still intact. And I can still fuck like a stud frequently, and as long as I can still say that, and have the Love of my life agree with me enthusiastically, in both language spoken and also in body language unspoken, but unmistakably expressed, well then my life is still very much worth living and enjoying, and I can continue to smile happily most of the time. ;-)

It is true that I am not always an easy man for my wife to live with, and I think that those of you who have followed my blog regularly, have some idea of what I mean. But only Jean knows the full extent of just how much trouble I can be, from her own personal experience of living with me long term. If anyone ever wonders why a woman like her puts up with a guy like me, and how she has continued to do so for 25 years now, I think the reason has a lot to do with 25 years worth of inspiration for her language spoken and also body language unspoken, but unmistakably expressed, that I previously mentioned.

Of course she has always rocked my world just as much, and in equal measure.

Deep breath… Big sigh… Jean in 1996, and her shape hasn’t changed much since then, to this day. But she is so much more to me than just her shape in a bikini. Although I can’t deny that it does help to fan my flames for her.

So much of life is uncertain, but one thing that I do know for certain, is that that Jean truly does love me, and she still loves me in spite of my tendency to be difficult at times.

She loved me when I looked like this in 1991…

And she still loved me when I looked like this, in 2001…

Even after I’d gained some weight… okay, a lot of weight.

But within a year, I lost almost all the extra pounds…

So I’d be in shape for our second Honeymoon/National Geographic Expedition to Hawaii, in 2002.

But obviously, there is so much more to having a mutually great long term love life, than just me being a sexy beast. (as well as a shameless braggart and show off) My genuine enjoyment of being romantic with her, combined with my ongoing ability to make her laugh, has kept her happily amused most of the time, and still very much in love with me since 1987, in spite of all those times when she’s wanted to kill me!

I know that sometimes my sense of humor can be a little off target for her, and she can get more irritated than amused by my antics…

Which is why I make sure to give her lots of flowers frequently, and sometimes when she least expects it – like when she isn’t mad at me. ;-)


Which reminds me… Did you know that certain flowers can be very sad, like this flower is?

Until a beautiful woman comes along…

And she makes that sad flower very happy!

LOL!!! :-)

Uhmm… maybe now is the time for some more roses here…

Only this time, the roses are for some of my readers… (smirk!)

While it’s true that I can be maddening for my wife to deal with at times, she seldom thinks that I am boring. In fact, I am almost never boring… Because I HATE boredom with as much passion as I LOVE making love to the woman I love, and whom I will always love, more than any other.

And that woman is this woman, as she was then, when this picture was taken, and as she still is now… as she always will be, for me.

I really can’t stand being bored, and most of all, I can’t stand it when I know that I’m boring other people. (Which, hopefully, is not right now!) If I’m bored or becoming a bore, my sole mission in life becomes to find a way out of boredom. This can be a double edged sword, because sometimes the way in which I cure boredom is by acting out in ways that other people find disturbing, alarming, and even frightening at times.

Yes, that’s me being a real swinger… and about to crash hard into a tree in the Florida Keys, in 1987. Only just a few cuts and bruises as a result, but definitely a sign of the greater and much more elaborate catastrophes and near disasters to come, later in our life together.   

But still, I’m almost never boring… So during our 25 years together, my wife has often found me to be both maddening and intriguing, and sometimes in both ways at the same time. Obviously, she prefers me to be intriguing and amusing without driving her crazy, and most of the time I can do that for her. Except when I don’t… Lol ;-)

And, as previously mentioned, I can still fuck like a stud, and repeatedly, and never underestimate the power of mutually great sex to keep a marriage together, no matter how much adversity there may be in a couples’ married life.

Okay, I know that there’s so much more to great sex than just being a guy who is able to… (won’t repeat the same words again this time – I was just having a little fun there with the shock value, but I’ll stop now.) There’s so much more to it than that

I am NOT just an animal! I am a MAN! Who is also a sexy beast… Lol ;-)

Long sessions of imaginative and creative foreplay in the bedroom that never become repetitive and routine, but are often unexpectedly and pleasurably exciting, are vitally important to keep the thrill alive after 22 years of marriage.


Which is why we will not be doing the “lady cop handcuffing the bad guy” role playing thing anymore! It’s been a real hot one for both of us, and one of our favorites, but it’s starting to get too predictable and overdone.

Laziness and a lack of imagination can kill the thrill for a couple who have been lovers for years, so it’s now time for us to leave behind what is safe and familiar, and take some chances again – Try some new and creatively daring ways to turn up the heat in our love life… Shake things up again, and bring back the excitement of sexual adventure by exploring some uncharted waters together…


This looks promising. Maybe tomorrow night…

Or maybe this…

We’ve done this before, but not for a while. It was very good then, and maybe now we can do it even better.

But there is still something else that is by far, the most important skill of all, when making love to a woman that a man truly loves with all his heart and soul…

And for me, that woman will always be this woman, without any doubt… now and forever.

What is this skill? Well, I can only speak from my own personal experience, but this is what I have learned from many years of experience, that includes both success and failure in Love.

After a long and deeply intimate lovers kiss, when a man looks into the eyes of the woman he sincerely loves more than any other, as he gazes into the true beauty of her soul, his love for her shines out from his eyes and expresses with absolute conviction, that she is the most beautiful and desirable woman he has ever known, in all his life. He conveys this truth to her with an intensity of feeling so compelling, that she becomes the beautiful and sexy woman he sees in his vision of her, as she can now see herself as he sees her.

His loving vision of her is transformed into her own reality of being, as she knows that she really is the most beautiful and desirable woman he has ever known, in all his life.

As her true identity is completely revealed and embraced by the depth of his love for her, she is liberated. His vision of her becomes her own self perception, and her insecurities and inhibitions are stripped away. She is now wondrously naked as she is no longer covered by any sense of doubt. She is naked but unashamed, as she and her lover joyously celebrate together the wonder of her being revealed, as the most beautiful and desirable woman ever, now and forever.

She sees her own beautiful and incredibly sexy reflection there in the mirror of his gaze, as his eyes take in all of her… in every intimate detail. As he holds her in the tight embrace of the strength and warmth of his arms, her body feels the hot intensity of how much he really wants her… she can feel how much he desperately and urgently needs to have her. His fires burn for her and turn into a raging and unquenchable thirst, for which only she can bring him relief. His relentless desire for her is a hunger that only a physical union with her will ever satisfy.

His great need for her ignites and inflames her own hotly rising and feverish excitement, heightening her hunger for him, as she feels her own sense of urgency. She is flushed with her desire for him, and her need is for him to take her… Take her right now and take all that he needs from her, as she needs him to take all of her, with nothing held back. For in taking all of her, he gives her the gift of her own intense pleasure and ultimate ecstasy.

But she knows a far greater truth that transcends all physical pleasure, and this truth completes them both on a much higher level of Love, as they as joined together as One. They know the soul soothing comfort of profound peace in their union. They know a level of mutual joy and happiness beyond the ability of words to describe, and more vividly real than any other experience ever known.

The world in all its chaotic and violent madness continues to rage around them, but they are hidden away safe and untouched by it. Unaware of it… during this time exclusively theirs alone, when they are unaware of time passing, as they only know the blissfully secure and serene peace of this unique and endless moment… in an embrace of both body and soul by Love.

From deep within her emotional center, she knows as surely as she is alive, the true extent of how much he really needs her. He needs her more than he would ever need his own life, if his life became a life without her… She also knows that her need for him is of the same great measure.

The intensely powerful pleasure of the physical heights and vivid emotional peaks they reach and experience together, are only possible because she really is all that he has shown her to be… as his own reality of her, as she truly exists in his heart.

He knows it would be impossible to reveal to her what isn’t really there, and he also knows how incredibly fortunate he is, that she really is there… in all the eternal beauty and timeless grace he sees within her, as an ageless and precious treasure stored forever in his heart, and in all the joy of so many shared memories with her, across so many years.

My wife and I in Rockport MA, where we first met, taken on our 15th anniversary.


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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15 Responses to Things Are Looking Up – Revised

  1. xdeviantonex says:

    See that is what peolple are lacking these days, faith! Glad to see your wife kept on hammering away and was rewarded greatly. Pity some of the younger generations cannot seem to get that point. Just feels like some people come cross as though they are to just have it handed to them instead of earning it. Congrats to your wife and hopefully more good fortune coming to you both.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, and yes, I’m also really glad that my wife’s hard work and determination to get back into the job market really paid off. She can be so gentle, yet she can also be as tough as nails when she really needs to be.

      Very few people are given much in this life, without having to work hard for it. Most of us only have what we have, because we made a determined effort to earn it. But we all still have to play the hand that Life has dealt us, including the advantages and disadvantages. I am very proud of Jean for playing her hand so well, and I know that I would do well to follow her example more often.

  2. benzeknees says:

    Glad to see you back Chris – you’ve been missed!

  3. Welcome back! And congrats to the Mrs.!

  4. Elyse says:

    Welcome back, congrats to your wife. And I have already had a sighting of that mysterious commenter …

    • Thanks so much for the welcome back, Elyse! :-) I’ll try to stick around this time, and not go missing again. And that mysterious commenter? I saw him too, and WOW… What a windbag!!! That guy should have a strict word limit on his keyboard, to keep him from getting out of control!

      Lol ;-)

  5. Good to see you back! Well, back for a little bit anyway. Hopefully we’ll see more of you. For Jean… CONGRATULATIONS!!! Perseverance and hard work paid off for you. And Chris, no worries about talking about your better than average financial standing. It is good to hear that someone is doing well. Helps renew faith that our economy is recovering.

    Well, hope to “see” you soon!

    • Thanks Michelle, and likewise! :-) As I’ve already said to a couple others here, I’ll try to come back and stay back this time! So I’d say that prospects are good for seeing more of me, and by that, I DON’T mean I’ll be posting nude photos of myself again, because once was bad enough! I think I was born without the “modesty gene”. Lol ;-)

      Thanks even more for your enthusiastic congratulations to Jean, and I’ll pass them along to her ASAP. Perseverance and hard work DID pay off for her, and I’m so glad her efforts have been rewarded.

      See you soon at Motley News! :-)

  6. the curtain raiser says:

    Welcome back again and congrats to your wife on her new job. And I also see there’s something in your post for us Aussie readers! If you can still make your spouse laugh after 25 years together, you’re doing well.

    • Thanks for the welcome back again, and I’ll make sure that I stick around this time, so I don’t wear out my “welcome backs”! Lol :-) Thanks even more, for the congrats to my wife! She’s a real gem, a truly wonderful person, and a daily reminder to me that although I failed marriage in my first try, I got an A plus when I took the course over again. Of course she deserves most of the credit, but I’ll still take some credit for recognizing what an exceptional woman she was, (and always has been) when I first met her back in 1987.

      I’ll also take some credit for the determination, perseverance and powers of persuasion it took for me to finally get her to say “I do.” Because she was not easy to convince, and although I knew she was my one true Soul mate within the first three months we were together, more than any other woman in my life ever had been, it took me three years to convince her that I was also hers as well, to the point that she had enough courage to marry me.

      Which I know was a true act of bravery on her part, as well as a leap of faith, to marry an impulsive, thrill seeking, risk taking adrenalin junkie like me, who not only had a reputation for being crazy, but was proud of it! But lots of humor, many adventures, and that other thing I won’t mention again, finally prevailed and also endured for the long haul. And she would probably be quick to add that she has long endured much! Lol – She does have her own quick wit and sense of humor, which I noticed the first day we met, and I still enjoy now – even when her humor is barbed and comes at my expense.

      Glad you liked the Ru… :-) I should have put him side by side with that centerfold photo of Burt Reynolds from Cosmopolitan. They would look like brothers! Lol :-)

  7. Pingback: My Shortest Post EVER!!! | Word Play

  8. Elyse says:

    Hey, this post looks vaguely familiar. Only different. :)

    • Lol – That’s probably because I didn’t change very much in the first 1,000 words. Which I realize should be about half that many, but… Sigh! What can I say? Usually too much, and most of the time, I guess… Maybe I should reconsider drinking decaf. Nah, that’s just not gonna happen. No way, no how…

      The changes that mattered most came after that point… and ALL because I had a very bad dream last night, in which Speaker 7 parodied my attempt to write about making love with a month long series of posts called “Two Thousand Eight Hundred Shades of Ways (or words) to Say Not Very Much.” I woke up shaking and in a cold sweat! But please don’t tell her… Lol ;-) Thanks for taking a second look, Elyse.

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