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A Darker Side of Halloween

So it’s Halloween tonight… Halloween brings back so many memories for me, but one memory in particular stands out. It was on a Halloween night 15 years ago, and it was not only Halloween, but also the night of a … Continue reading

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A 3:00 AM Power Struggle in the Street

My wife and I live in the greater Boston area in Massachusetts. Unlike other far less fortunate places on the US East Coast, we escaped the worst of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, and were spared any damage or danger from flooding … Continue reading

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Conversations With My Dad – Part Two

Recently, I wrote a post called Conversations With My Dad in which I described my experience during a day visiting with my father, who suffers from advanced and terminal dementia. That day was a good day, and a good visit with my Dad. … Continue reading

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The Decline and Fall of Commercial News Media

With each year that passes by, I’ve become increasingly disturbed by the serious overall decline in the quality of news reporting by all forms of the commercial news media in general, and by the decline of commercial TV news reporting … Continue reading

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The Story Behind The Story

My post from yesterday featured a video, and when I originally posted it on another website in late August of 2011, the video started a fight that turned into a battle, which spread into a much larger war involving many … Continue reading

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Fox News Has Got it Covered! Or is Fox News Covered With it?

Found this old blog post last night, when something else reminded me of it. I was blogging on another website at the time, when I originally wrote this. It seemed worth a reprise here on WordPress, since I still feel … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons Why There Must Be a Reason Why I’m Still Here

Note to my WordPress friends and readers:  Please let me know if you read this entire post from start to finish. It’s very long, but I needed to write all that is here for my own sake, as I tried … Continue reading

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Trapped On My Tricycle!

When I was a four year old boy and still riding a tricycle, I found myself in a predicament one day. After riding my trike down a neighbor’s rather steeply sloped driveway (or so it seemed back then) I then … Continue reading

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The 30 Day Challenge

This is something that Lynda from benzeknees got me interested in doing. But being me, with my consistently eccentric way of thinking, I decided to have some fun with deviating from the way that many people would answer the “questions” … Continue reading

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