We Need to Talk…

My friends and followers here at Word Play? We need to talk… Because there’s definitely a chill in the air these days, and I don’t mean the cold weather that recently froze the Northeastern U.S. and other parts of the country. When I write a post about my father’s memorial service, Celebrating the Life and Memory of John Sheridan Sr. and it gets only nine views and five comments, well obviously something is wrong.

I also know that when I write a post about an experience from my early childhood, called Trapped On My Tricycle! that includes a photo of a cute little 3 year old boy on his tricycle, and it gets only two comments from my followers, but 369 page views… that there’s something else seriously wrong, and there’s a lot of deeply disturbed and very sick people out there in cyberspace. The high number of page views for my “tricycle” post had me totally baffled and at a loss to explain, until late last night… when I had a sudden and awful revelation that made it clear to me, who the “people” really are, who gave that post so many views. It was enough to turn my stomach.

But enough on that, and back to talking about us, my Word Play followers and friends… I do know what is wrong with us, and the fault is all mine, so I’m placing the blame where it belongs, right on my own shoulders. One of my all time favorite advertisements was from a dental practice, and the ad slogan was “Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away.” Too true…

It’s also true that if you ignore your blogging friends, well, they’ll go away too. And I’ve been ignoring many of my blogging friends, by not reading or commenting on your posts, so it’s my fault when you no longer read and comment on my posts.

Then in addition to that, I write posts like I Hate Raking Leaves! But I Love “Pairs Sex Racing” that I know in advance, the vast majority of my readership won’t like, and may be offended by it instead. But I liked that post when I wrote it, and I still like it right now.

This may sound overly grandiose, but the folk music purists hated it when Dylan decided to play loud electric Rock ‘n Roll, and I admire Dylan for not caring, and going ahead with what he wanted to do, in spite of how much his original followers hated it. Dylan went on to create some of his greatest music, because he was willing to leave his folk music purist audience behind, if they didn’t want to follow him in a new direction.

And no, I don’t think I’m on the level of Dylan, and I don’t have delusions of grandeur. I just admire artists and entertainers who aren’t perpetual crowd pleasers, and who are willing to take chances by doing what they really want to do, instead of what everyone else expects them to do.

But there is one post that I am sincerely sorry for, and it’s the one I posted before this one, When Two Blogs Become As One… It should have never been posted here on Word Play, or anywhere else online, because it’s a massive over share, and I should have known better than to go public with it.

I also know that it was potentially offensive to many of my Word Play readers (assuming you even read it) in a variety of ways, and here’s a quick run down of ways in which it was offensive.

1. The majority of my readership here on Word Play are middle aged married women with adolescent or young adult children. I’m sure that you were just impressed as hell with me, for posting a photo of myself at 17 years old, with my 16 year old girlfriend kissing me on a bed, while she was nude below the waist. My only defense is that Colleen and I were both Art majors in high school, and she was a willing participant who loved that photograph when she saw the print. She also would have no problem with me posting it online, since her true identity is 100% protected, and the image is very subtle, visually revealing very little – even though the meaning of the image is very direct.

2. My readership here does not want to read a history of my pre 1987 love life. Even more so, when I describe how I developed an emotional aversion to girls and young women who were probably very similar to who you were, when you were that age… and I left girls like you behind, to chase sexually promiscuous bad girls instead.

3. I’m sure that you identified with my wife, and sympathized with her, as you thought about how much you’d hate it, if your own husband posted online about his beautiful and sexy ex-girlfriends, and even included (non nude) photo portraits of them. My wife Jean is not very happy with me about that either, which is why the post is probably going to be deleted soon.

4. You do not want to read posts about my other blog on WP that has posts with graphically erotic content. I can promise you right now, that after today, you never will read anything again about my erotica blog here on this blog.

The last thing I’ll say about that post, is that it was 100% sincere and heartfelt, as an exploration of a very long phase of my life, in which I suffered from a lot of emotional pain, which I made worse with my own bad choices and self destructive behavior. But I still understand that you don’t want to read about it, and I don’t hold that against you. So I am sincerely sorry for posting it, and there will be no more posts like it here on Word Play again.

Peace… my WP friends. I know what’s wrong here, and I am going to fix it, by having more respect for your sensibilities and feelings, and I’m going to do the best I can, to be more consistent about reading your posts, and commenting on your posts, without hi-jacking them, or writing comments that are ridiculously long. I really like and respect all of you, and I know that I’ve been doing a piss poor job of letting you know that’s true. But not anymore… not after today.

I am Sorry!


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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10 Responses to We Need to Talk…

  1. crazybunny66 says:

    I am sorry! I apologize because I do read your posts. I usually read them via mail notification first and then, later, I go into your blog , read it again and comment or like it. Undortunately, My family doesn’t know about my blog so sometimes I don’t get the chance, or time, to comment. But this has nothing to do with being offended, nor bored or upset by any of your posts!! I’d actually like to see your other blog, I thought the pictures were brilliant and I also like to read about former friends as well as falling leaves. So, to sum it up, it’s not you but me (us) and I for one vow to try hard to find more time to read/like/comment on all blog posts I follow!!
    Ps: feel free to mail me the link to your other blog ;-)

    • Thanks for the kindness of your comment here, but there is no need for you to be sorry. None at all. Please take care, be well and be happy as best you can. Thanks also for linking to this post. :-)

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  3. Elyse says:

    Hi Chris,
    I noticed the absence of comments on your Dad’s passing — and was hurt on your behalf. But I think you may have put the nail on the head. Most of the folks weren’t expecting a post like that.

    Me, I’ll be glad to forgo the erotica — I am interested in your life and your journey, your humor and your politics and your friendship. Your sex life? Not so much!

    • Thanks for caring enough to say that, Elyse. But I honestly wasn’t hurt myself, because I knew which way the wind was blowing, and that I’d been pissing into it, so I knew what the lack of response was all about.

      You’re not interested in my sex life??? Why, I thought that EVERYONE was interested in my sex life! Okay, now my feelings ARE hurt! Sob, sniff, sniff… :-(

      LOL :-) That’s a big 10-4 Elyse, message received and understood.

  4. Teeny Bikini says:

    Oh, Chris. I so wish you didn’t feel you had to apologize. I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane with you. Heck, I can’t even remember some of my old boyfriends – and there weren’t even that many. It would be nice if I could sustain some kind of nostalgic afterglow about them. The picture of Colleen was one of the best. I had so many questions in my head about the girl, the boy, the situation… The little morsel of time was well-captured. There is nothing offensive about you. If anything I find you genuine and quite funny. And that is a wicked combination. I mean wicked good :) Cheers.

    • Teeny, I really appreciate you saying that, but I still feel that the apology was necessary. The reason why, is that most of my readers here followed Word Play because they enjoyed my sense of humor in the posts they became accustomed to reading here. So I can understand why some or even many of them had a difficult time adjusting to me launching into posts about my interest in sexuality and my sexual history. That isn’t what they signed up for here, and I don’t hold it against them for having a problem with it. At least their reaction was to just walk away, instead of launching an all out attack on me, like what happened at a certain other website… Which is why I still like them, and respect them even more, and why I love the online community here at WordPress.

      On the other hand, my appreciation for you, and your ability to understand what the other can’t accept, is deep and heartfelt. Maybe your ability to make that kind of adjustment is one of the many reasons why your blog here on WordPress has over 7,000 followers. Of course, having that many followers also has everything to do with your immense talent and your ability to cover such a wide range of self expression, from hilariously sarcastic and uniquely funny humor, all the way to some of the darker places that you explore and express in such a skillfully written way, that you touch the chord of universal human experience, and all who are human can relate to what you are expressing, no matter how individually different their own life experience may be from your own.

      Thanks for the compliment on the image of Colleen. My time with her was euphorically magic and like living almost every day in a state of bliss, which I realize was in part, because she was my very first True Love. The joy of being so in love was brand new to both of us, and unscarred by the unhappy memories of people who are older and more experienced, who have experienced how painful love relationships become, when they go wrong.

      Thanks again so much for this comment, all your other comments, and your ongoing support. I deeply and sincerely appreciate it, and I appreciate you.

  5. benzeknees says:

    I think I am one of the few who has kept up with commenting & reading, although I did skim some of the parts of your last post after I realized what the main topic of your post was about. I don’t want to follow you to your other blog because this is an area of your life I don’t want to know about. I have enough trouble with my own sexuality after having been raped twice. I had a domineering abusive father who threw nasty phrases at me as soon as I started to show any interest in boys at all. I have been afraid of men & this very subject for most of my adult life so it’s not comfortable for me at all. But I do think you’re right about not paying enough attention to your readers as part of the reason your comments are down. When I don’t write enough or comment enough, then my readers leave me too.

    • Lynda, I know that you have been reading and commenting, and I sincerely appreciate that. I am also deeply sorry that you have gone through the dehumanizing, soul shattering and agonizing experience of being raped twice, and my heart goes out to you. I’m also so sorry to learn about the other sad and tragic situations you have endured, related to love and sexuality. And of course there is no need for you to follow my other blog, and as I’ve already promised my readers here on Word Play, there will be no more mention of it here on this blog.

      And yes, I’m sure that me not paying enough attention to my readers is a major reason why my comments are down, but I am working on setting that right. Thanks for your continued support, even when it hasn’t been easy…

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