My Lover Who Loves The Magic of Light

My wife Jean literally taught me how to see the world around me in a new way, and to see more of what was around me than I could before she became a part of my life. Jean is the most visually perceptive person I have ever known. To this very day, when we go hiking or go for walks on the beach, or when we go any place outside in nature, Jean’s visual ability shifts into a higher level of awareness and she sees things that maybe I might see without her there with me, but often she sees visual details that I don’t see, and I might never notice… Until she shows me what she can see and she shares her vision with me.

Jean's pictures 374


She is fascinated by natural light shining down from the sun and all the ways that the light is constantly changing as it is absorbed into many different colors and also reflected back in bright highlights from the mirror surface of water, or filtered into rays shining down through the leaves and branches of the trees, and how the leaves glow a brighter green when the light shines directly through them. She sees art created by forms, outlines, shapes, patterns, and textures, and the contrast between brightly lit areas and dark shadows.

Jean's Pictures 298


Noanet Woodlands - Dover Ma 2009


H Quarry


She loves to see the brightly varied colors and delicate designs of the flowers and the green color of life in the leaves of plants, She is delighted by what is easily seen when bright and brightly colored, or moving with the blowing flow of a breeze.

Orange Flowers


Salt Flat in Acadia Nat Park 2012


She enjoys seeing rock ledges large and impressive in size, and tree branches that are eye catching with an unusual shape or pattern. She appreciates seeing the things that are quick to be seen as visual stand outs.

Jean's Pictures 149


Jean's Pictures 349


But her real talent is being able to see things barely perceptible but still visually impressive when she finds what often goes unseen by most others, as they pass by unaware of what she finds and enjoys noticing.

Jean's Pictures 224




She loves the changing light of late afternoon as the sun moves down lower in the sky toward the horizon, when the light changes from bright white into a more golden yellow color that becomes more orange as the sun gets lower, and shadows lengthen and grow longer.

Jean's Pictures 169


She loves and never tires of the magic of all the glowing colors of a sunset when the colors are as vivid and awe inspiring as they are rapidly changing and deepening from lighter to darker in hue, and finally incredibly red before turning purple and quickly fading as only the glow of the departed sun lightens the horizon, then darkens and fades into the darkness.

Jean's Pictures 037


Jean's Pictures 039


Jean's Pictures 044


But she also loves the light of the bright white moon above on a clear night and the silver moonlight that bathes the features of the dark but still visible landscape below, creating the sharply outlined contrast of black shadows and the softly reflective muted places where dim but still visible light in the darkness of night exists and reveals that all is not darkness in the absence of direct sunlight.




Yellow Moon


There is still reflected sunlight shining on the face of the moon, bright with the promise that the dawn of a new day of sunlight will return, and the entire spectrum of light will create the ever changing magic of a new light show.

Jean's Pictures 022


Life is sustained, renewed and created once again by light in all the ways that light creates visual magic for my wife to see and enjoy, and then share it with me, so I’ll see it with her, and not miss it.

Yellow Wild Flowers


Is it any wonder that my wife, a true lover of light and my one and only true love who loves me, loves to view and create photography?

my love2



Photography is a visual record created by light, and preserved as an image that can be appreciated by others, who even though they were not there to witness the magic of the light when the image was created, they can still see it and enjoy it, when the image is shared…


About Chris Sheridan

I’m a 56 year old guy who is young (and immature) at heart, and I love humor and laughter. Married for 22 years, but still enjoy all the glories of womanhood everywhere, even while dedicated to one woman only - and I hope my wife never finds out about her!
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3 Responses to My Lover Who Loves The Magic of Light

  1. xdeviantonex says:

    Love the pictures, so vivid. Glad to see you still posting, was getting worried! :)

    • Thanks! For both the pictures and that you’re glad to see I’m posting. Yeah, I stopped by and thought I’d try turning the key on the old blog to see if it would start, and it did. And since the world has gotten twice as ridiculous as it was when I stopped posting here, I realized that it’s the duty of people like you and me to make lots of very sarcastic fun of it! Lol

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