It’s a New Day!

Jean ShNow this is cool! I’ve never had my own blog before, but I do now! :-) Technically, I have half a blog, because Chris made me an author here on his blog, so now we’re a husband and wife team here on Word Play, and maybe I’ll change the drapes and redecorate the living room. ;-)

Or maybe I’ll put that off until next week and properly introduce myself here, so I can talk all about me instead of Chris, like I did on the last two posts. Because I’m a blogger now, and although I’ve never been a self absorbed person before, I am a quick study and I think I can pick it up pretty fast. lol

J/K! :-) I don’t really think that all bloggers are self absorbed, and certainly not you! Because I know that you aren’t like that at all. Whoever you are, cause I don’t really know anything about you. So let’s talk all about me, since I know 100% more about me, than I know about you.

See? I told you I’m a quick learner, and I think I’ve already got this self absorbed blogging thing down. :-)

Ok, I’ll stop being a bitch now, and start being nice for a change – So you all won’t hate me forever right from the very start of my new blogging career. And BTW how much do we get paid here? 60K could work for me. Is that a realistic figure? Or am I selling myself short? Short like a hooker who specializes in turning tricks for dwarfs?

Ok, 80K is my final offer, so take it or leave it WordPress. Cause I don’t like leaving money on the table when it should go inside my Versace purse.

Speaking of money, now here’s a fun fact for this evening. E.L. James is now worth 80 million dollars as her just reward for writing (?) “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it? Because who needs real talent, when you can trend all the way to the bank getting rich with a no talent gimmick?

But hey, don’t feel all down and out about it, all you hard working WordPress bloggers! You’ve got the genuine satisfaction of knowing that you already have more real talent in your little pinky ring fingers than E.L. James will ever have! So don’t stress over not having enough money to pay your bills, because you are the real writers, and E.L. James is like the “Pet Rock” of writing compared to you! Yeah, she’s just nothing but a Pet Rock cheap fan fiction gimmick – that’s now worth 80 million dollars.

But even in this atrocious travesty, there is still some humor to be found, and check it out here in this screen shot. Notice that advertisement on the right side? Some may think it’s just a coincidence, but I suspect it’s really a covertly clever editorial comment.

Do you have these symptoms?  Well if you do, then know that you are not alone, because I’m sure many others have had the same symptoms when they found out that “Fifty Shades of Grey” made E.L. James 80 million dollars.      

E L James Symptoms

Happy Holiday WordPress bloggers!  :-)

About Jean Sheridan

About Me? Well excuse me, but do I know you? I don't think so! So never mind "About Me" and go mind your own business for a change. The nerve of some people these days!
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