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A Darker Side of Halloween

So it’s Halloween tonight… Halloween brings back so many memories for me, but one memory in particular stands out. It was on a Halloween night 15 years ago, and it was not only Halloween, but also the night of a … Continue reading

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No, really… I’m not just kidding around here! I am seriously buzzed on one of my biggest caffeine overdoses ever! I have an extremely high capacity to function somewhat normally on levels of caffeine so high, that if the average … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Motley News, Photos and Fun:
Karen’s Facebook Photo This video tears me apart to the point it makes me nearly ill to my stomach and my heart truly aches. The atrocious things the students say and do…

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Assorted Bummers Spoiling My Otherwise Awesome Life

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for a while on WordPress. I just want you to know, each of you individually, and ALL of you collectively… that it’s not you; it’s me… No, really… It’s not … Continue reading

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Joyously Intimate Revelation

She stood stark naked in front of me, this morning… with a shape that defied her years. Breasts firm and uplifted, waist pleasingly narrow, stomach toned and flat, with hips curving smoothly outward and then sloped gradually inward down the … Continue reading

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Yard Work Gone Wrong!

We were going canoeing this past saturday, but that never happened. Delays on top of delays, and then the threat of thunderstorms wrecked our chances for a canoe trip, which was very disappointing. We had so much fun last time! … Continue reading

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ATale of Two Kitties

It was love at first sight. He looked up at me with bugged out green eyes and a totally deranged and excited expression on his little gray face. They let me hold him and the deal was sealed. As I … Continue reading

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Yep, just like the title says, Anything Goes! Well, almost anything… There will be no nudity or porn, which is just as well, because if you want that sort of thing, it’s everywhere on the web, so you don’t need … Continue reading

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