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I Was a Child Groom

Yes, it’s true… When I got married the first time, I was very young. In fact, I was so young, that you could say that I was a child groom. And just how young was I, when I first got … Continue reading

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Meet The Wife And Kids – Again!

Note: This was originally posted back on 12/4/11, when I’d been on WordPress for all of four days,  and I was all but invisible here. As of today, I now have 100 followers, and I just felt like catching folks … Continue reading

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Struck Blind

It was February of 1982. I was 26 years old, married, and the father of a two year old daughter. The marriage was the result of an accidental pregnancy, and the mother of our child was determined to have and … Continue reading

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Won’t Be Forgetting THIS Date Anytime Soon!

This extra day that we’re getting in February of 2012 has been one too many for me! Let me tell you how things started out for me this morning… At 7:30 AM I was walking out the door to go … Continue reading

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When Awards Attack!!! – The Final Conflict

In my previous post, I attempted to engage in a three on one, and I must confess that I failed. It was just more than my strength and stamina could handle. But seeing as how I’ve been a monogamous kinda … Continue reading

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When Awards Attack!!! – Part One

One on one is a fair fight. Two on one is a serious brawl. But three on one is a dangerous and potentially deadly attack, and there’s no shame in trying to escape with your life and limb in one … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Misadventure

This is the most awe inspiring sunset I’ve ever witnessed. But you know the problem with sunsets? After the sun goes down, it gets dark. Which is what my wife kept reminding me repeatedly while I was trying to get … Continue reading

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Meet The Wife And Kids!

Greetings Fellow Bloggers! I had a tough time waking up this morning, and I didn’t really feel fully alert until almost noon. No, no wild saturday night for me last night… Most of my wild nights are behind me now, … Continue reading

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