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Mission Impossible – Or is It?

I’m trying to post from my mother’s PC… Getting my mother’s PC to do almost anything right, is like expecting a minor miracle. And getting it to do three things right, all at the same time, is like expecting Gov. … Continue reading

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Dog Knows

I’m in an unusual mood on this fine Thursday. I feel good, but I also feel slightly deranged, and I’m not even sure what will come out of my slightly deranged but good mood state of mind here in this … Continue reading

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Dissing V-Day in a Humorous Way

Three guys are talking about how they make their wives feel after sex. The Italian says, “After I make-ah da love with ma wife, I gently tickle da backs a her knees an she floats aboud 6 inchs offa da … Continue reading

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Actual Newspaper Headlines

Actual Newspaper Headlines (collected by journalists) The following are actual newspaper headlines that have been collected by veteran reporters and editors working for The Associated Press. The headlines are in bold print and the comments in parentheses are mine. Hope … Continue reading

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Sex Really IS Comedy!

OK, as promised – in spite of the unfortunate Tina Fey Domestic Dispute that derailed my plans for writing this post yesterday… well the show must go on, and so here it is now. There was a French movie out … Continue reading

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The Shocking Truth!

This is a shocking and true story! Are you sure you’re ready for this?  Warning: Do not read this while driving! (you shouldn’t be reading anything while driving anyway) And get off that cell phone too! But however shocking my … Continue reading

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Embarassing Accident!

  Couldn’t resist sharing this one, since a friend sent it to my wife and I, and we both burst out laughing as soon as we saw it! I’m feeling kinda brain dead today, so unless things improve on that … Continue reading

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There is Nothing to See Here!

Hey, didn’t I just tell you that there’s nothing to see here? But here you are, looking anyway. Well suit yourself, because this is going to be just about the laziest blog I’ve ever written. I may not even bother … Continue reading

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